Sales Storytelling Training

Transform how your team engages, excites and inspires change.

Improve how your team builds trust with their prospects, clarifies key messages and presents impactful data in this unique sales storytelling training.

  • A dynamic and interactive workshop. Participants get hands-on experience and takeaways they can implement quickly.
  • Applies to any sales storytelling format. Presentations, writing, storytelling with data, social media and more.
  • Customized to your team’s context. Case studies and examples are customized to your industry and goals.
  • Delivered in-person anywhere in North America. Hybrid and virtual options are also available.
  • Workshop is designed for 1 or 2 days of learning. Shorter versions also available.
Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower

Engaging Learning

Jordan Bower

Over the last ten years, I have become one of the world’s top teachers of business storytelling. My clients have included companies from just about every industry, from technology to banking to resources to government and many more. I am an expert facilitator, communicator and creative problem solver.

I would love to have a chat and help you understand how my transformational storytelling workshop can substantially improve how your sales team communicates.

I’m based in Vancouver, Canada, and I work with organizational clients all over the world.

The Sales Storytelling Training Journey

  1. Begins with Discovery and Assessment

    Before a workshop, Jordan reviews your messaging and conducts interviews with selected members of your team to assess current context, goals and abilities.

  2. Pre-Workshop Planning Session

    Jordan proposes appropriate goals and customizes the basic workshop accordingly. These changes are discussed and agreed upon with your leadership.

  3. Post-Workshop Follow-Up and Next Steps

    After the storytelling workshop, Jordan facilitates a 60-min follow-up Zoom with your leadership to discuss the experience and recommend next steps.

~ Head of Revenue, King’s Hawaiian (CPG)

Storytelling Workshop 4

Every sales storytelling training includes examples, case studies and interactive exercises that are customized to your team, based on the short Discovery that I do in advance of the session.

These customizations are designed to suit this general flow:

  1. The training begins with a disruptive introduction to sales storytelling. Participants learn that storytelling is more than just words: it’s about the experience created in the minds of listeners. Participants review examples from the world’s best sales storytellers, including presentations, writing, storytelling with data and more. (These examples are customized to every group. )
  2. Next, participants learn the foundations and frameworks of sales storytelling. They learn how creative problem solving frameworks like storyboarding and empathy mapping can develop new perspectives on how to tell their stories effectively. Then, they practice using these frameworks in structured exercises that are playful and interactive.
  3. From there, participants apply these new storytelling ideas to their real work. Participants work with case studies: real examples of their team’s work that are chosen in advance with the approval of leadership. These case studies help participants see their real communications strategies from new perspectives, immediately improving their real impact.
  4. In the final portion of the storytelling workshop, participants step back and reflect on their journey, developing customized and actionable next steps. Expert facilitation keeps the conversation on track, helping participants integrate the learning both functionally and emotionally. They leave with a new understanding of what business storytelling is, what better storytelling requires, and the inspiration to continue their learning journey.
  1. How to clarify ideas
  2. How to tell stories with data
  3. How to better understand your audiences
  4. How to improve trust, connection and engagement
  5. How to adapt your messaging to changing circumstances
  6. How to apply storytelling to writing, videos, presentations and more
  • Deepened team relationships
  • Immediate improvements to real team narratives
  • Improved creative problem solving
  • New ideas for overcoming real team challenges
  • Step back and rethink how you communicate as a team
  • Align around next steps

Jordan’s past clients have included:

…as well as many small businesses, start-ups and individual thought leaders.

Jordan’s experience spans industries and functional departments: sales, marketing, product, design, finance, HR, executive leadership and more.

Take the first step towards transformation.