Sales Storytelling Training

Sales Storytelling Training

This hands-on sales storytelling training will improve your team’s overall sales communication.

Sales Storytelling Training

Hi, I’m Jordan Bower: Master Teacher of Sales Storytelling

Over the last fifteen years, I have worked directly with senior executives and their enablement teams to level up the impact of how their teams communicate.

Today, the sales landscape has completely changed. The role of a sales professional is to consult, guide and connect… much different than the old world of used cars salesmen.

Sales storytelling teaches a principles-based approach that helps your team get essential messages across effectively, while generating trust, buy-in and excitement.

This sales storytelling training will teach your team the foundations of effective communication, giving them learnings they can apply immediately to improve their ability to generate results.

“Jordan’s storytelling workshop improved the skill of everyone on our sales team, from contributors to executives. We are still talking about it years later.”

Sales Storytelling Training
Sales Storytelling Training
Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower. Storytelling consultant

Learn the Foundations
of Sales Storytelling

Sales Storytelling Training
Sales Storytelling Training
Sales Storytelling Training

Transform How You Think
About Sales Storytelling

Sales storytelling is much more than “telling a story” with a beginning, middle and end.

In this storytelling training, you will learn that sales storytelling is really:

  1. 1-circle

    Clarifying a complex, data-driven message

    Find the essence of what you want to say in a simple way, so others can follow.

  2. 2-circle

    Improving understanding of audiences and stakeholders

    Learn to tail your message to different situations and audiences to make it dynamic and alive.

  3. 3-circle

    Supercharging your ability to engage emotionally.

    Find dynamic and proven ways to connect with your audiences and make your message resonate.

Sales Storytelling Training

Start with interactive exercises that break the ice and introduce key sales storytelling concepts.

This sales storytelling training is dynamic, creative, focused… and lots of fun!

Study best practice examples of effective sales storytelling.

We customize examples to your team and industry. They can include pitches, data graphics, Powerpoint decks, writing and much more.

Sales Storytelling Training
Sales Storytelling Training

Apply your new insights to improve your real sales stories.

Your team will “workshop” real sales stories, like decks, pitches and demos. (Stories are chosen in advance with guidance from team leadership.)

Present your stories and get personalized feedback.

Everyone on your team will receive relevant and tangible takeaways.

Sales Storytelling Training
Jordan Bower

Align your team around the next steps.

Finish the workshop by discussing what your team needs to do to continue to level up your sales storytelling skills—and transform the impact of your communication.

Jordan has delivered Storytelling Trainings
for more than 100 organizations:

“We came into the room unclear about how to talk about a highly technical product. Our leadership storytelling training helped us walk away knowing exactly which stories to tell and why.”

Sales Storytelling Training
Sales Storytelling Training
Jordan Bower
Storyteller Jordan Bower at Culture First
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FAQ about Sales Storytelling Training

1. What are the learning goals of a sales storytelling training?

The goals of this leadership storytelling training are:

  • Understand what leadership storytelling is and why it is important
  • Learn the basic technique and psychological insights behind leadership storytelling
  • Learn the foundational building blocks of leadership storytelling
  • Study best practice examples of leadership storytelling
  • Practice using these storytelling techniques in your real work
  • Reflect on what you’ve learned and envision the next steps in your development

2. What does sales storytelling training involve?

Every training includes a combination of best practice examples, structured learning and interactive/participatory exercises.

Sales storytelling trainings are dynamic, tailored and fun!

3. Are sales storytelling trainings interactive?

Yes, very much so!

During a training, we spend about 75% of the time in interactive exercises.

4. How long are sales storytelling trainings? Are they in-person or virtual?

The standard length of a sales storytelling training is 1 full day.

We can also accommodate shorter availabilities, ranging from 60 minutes to a half day.

Trainings are most often in-person, but they can also be virtual or hybrid.

5. Who facilitates the storytelling training?

Every training is facilitated by Jordan Bower. Jordan is a widely recognized expert in business storytelling who has spoken at many conferences and delivered more than 100 workshops to various organizations in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia.

6. Where can I see examples of Jordan’s teaching style/communications skills?

Here are some example podcasts showing Jordan’s communication style:

7. What can I expect to learn from the storytellling sales training?

Participants will gain insights into the art of storytelling, learn to structure compelling sales narratives, and engage in interactive exercises to apply these skills in real-world scenarios. The focus is on enhancing sales communication, presentation, and persuasion techniques.

8. Is this training only for sales people in specific industries?

No, the principles of storytelling are universal. Our training is designed to benefit sales professionals across various industries. The techniques taught are adaptable to a wide range of contexts.

9. Can my team attend if we have no prior experience in storytelling?

Absolutely! The training caters to individuals with varying levels of storytelling experience. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine existing skills, you’ll find the content accessible and beneficial.

8. Can I access additional resources after the training?

Yes. Your team will receive additional materials, recommended readings, and tools to continue developing their storytelling skills after the training. Additionally, we will meet with you after the workshop to review the learning experience and to recommend customized next steps.

9. Do you offer additional storytelling support, such as leadership coaching or strategic narrative consulting?

Yes, we have a suite of services that can help transform how you approach executive communications. We are happy to discuss this with you before or after the leadership storytelling training.

10. I can’t attend your training, but I want to learn more about business storytelling. Can you recommend some great videos?

Sure, happily:

TED Talks:

Google Talks:

These videos cover a range of topics related to business storytelling, leadership, and effective communication.

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