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Change how you change.

Jordan Bower provides skills-based education in business storytelling and expert advice in transformational leadership, helping his clients work and act differently in the continuously evolving world.

Jordan Bower introduces visionary mindsets and essential operational and strategic practices for the new world of business.

Who was ready for 2020? In an instant, everything changed. Since then, organizations and leaders have been scrambling to adapt to the new world of continuous evolution. Beyond new tactics and strategies, organizations and their leaders need to move through an inner shift that will allow them to embrace the ongoing disruption and evolution, reimagining their work—and themselves—from new perspectives and levels of consciousness.

As an expert facilitator, emotionally intelligent leadership coach, and visionary transformation consultant, Jordan helps his clients move boldly into this dynamic new world.

Jordan has advised a broad range of organizational clients:

…as well as many small businesses, start-ups and individual thought leaders.

Jordan’s experience spans industries and functional departments: sales, marketing, product, design, finance, HR, executive leadership and more.

Working with Jordan Bower

Featured Workshops For Teams


Business Storytelling Foundations

A remarkably effective skills-based storytelling training for organizational teams, facilitated by expert business storyteller Jordan Bower.


Sales Storytelling Training

Delivering data and key selling points for greater impact, conversion and trust.

Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower

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Jordan Bower is an innovation, transformation and storytelling consultant.

For individuals, teams and organizations.