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Meet Jordan Bower: Visionary Business Storyteller

Jordan Bower is a unique creative consultant who helps leaders unblock creativity, integrate emotional intelligence, and lead systems and cultural transformation.

He’s based in Vancouver, Canada.

I help others transform, having done it myself.

The year I turned 30, I spent a year walking alone down the West Coast of the US, from Canada to Mexico, on a journey of personal transformation. More than a decade later, what I experienced while walking still resonates through my work.

In my professional work, I am grateful for the opportunity to share the practical lessons from my experience. Journey with me—no long beard required!

What makes Jordan’s work effective?

  1. Look beneath the surface to find root causes

    By working with the hidden emotional and relationship realms, clients find new solutions to complex problems.

  2. Integrate practical and emotional intelligence

    Stepping beyond the buzzwords, clients learn to unlock their creativity & flexibility by accessing new levels of integrated intelligence.

  3. Evolve structures to make sustainable change

    With Jordan's guidance, clients integrate new behaviors both functionally and emotionally.

Who does Jordan work with?

Jordan works with individual and organizational clients—across industries and around the world.

  • Executive Teams

    Jordan helps executive leaders improve their integrated (creative) intelligence, so they can find new solutions to complex problems.

    He advises strategy, internal & external messaging, and transformation. He also conducts workshops, facilitates meetings, and coaches leadership development.

  • Functional Organizational Teams

    Jordan helps organizational teams step beyond limitations to their thinking and shift their relationships with clients, stakeholders, and each other.

    He conducts workshops, facilitates meetings, and advises strategic leadership.

  • Individuals

    Jordan works directly with individuals to help improve their communications skills and creative intelligence.

    His clients have included everyone from Members of Congress, and CEOs to entrepreneurs and community members.

Storytelling Workshop 3

"What a great session with so many insights and more food for thought than I could possibly digest. Thanks to Jordan Bower for having led us this far—and hopefully for leading us beyond…!"


Meet Jordan Bower

Jordan is a compelling, articulate, and earnest thought leader with deep hope in the future.

Let’s explore working together.