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Storyteller. Coach. Consultant. Facilitator. Outside-the-box problem solver. Jordan Bower is an innovation catalyst who helps create inspired communicators, visionary leaders and highly adaptable organizational teams.

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Hi, I’m Jordan Bower. Transformational Storyteller.

I’m based in Vancouver, Canada, and I work with clients all over the world.

Maybe you’re like me, and you’ve noticed that the world has changed remarkably from what it was just a few years or even days ago.

Maybe you’re a little leery about that change. Maybe you’re even terrified. Maybe you realize at some level that you need to change—and your team, and your industry—but even though you know the language of change, you don’t really know where to start.

Maybe you are even someone who wants to change. Maybe changing is your business: maybe you sell change to customers, maybe you are leading change internally, maybe you are actively innovating towards a better world than the one we’re living in today.

Maybe you, like me, are a transformational storyteller. And maybe you want some expert guidance to improve your impact. Someone who will help you get a little deeper, go a little further, help you step away the ways things used to be done, so you can design your own best practice.

My work is about change: facilitating it, inspiring it and embodying it, so that it can go beyond the buzzwords and become real.

Jordan Bower

Jordan Bower has worked with clients like:

…as well as many small businesses, start-ups and individual thought leaders.

Jordan’s experience spans industries and functional departments: sales, marketing, product, design, finance, HR, executive leadership and more.

Take the first step towards transformation.