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I’m Jordan Bower: Expert facilitator, leadership coach, speaker and business storytelling consultant.

My clients are taking business storytelling to a new level of strategic thinking and operational impact.

Business storytelling is among the most important skills in a leadership toolkit. Storytelling takes an informational message and gives it life. 

Storytelling is also among the most sophisticated leadership skills in that it synthesizes strategic thinking and emotional intelligence. Using storytelling to its potential goes beyond knowing how to tell the story; it also requires improving the foundations of communications so a message can be more effective, engaging and authentic.

My work guides my clients to achieve this goal.

As a facilitator, consultant, coach and transformation guide, I work with executive leaders, organizational teams and individual coaching clients.

Sound interesting? I’d love to connect with you and show you my passion for this work.

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About my Work as a
Business Storytelling Coach & Consultant

In today’s dynamic environment, all effective communications strategy is based on Applied Business Storytelling.

I’ve been teaching business storytelling for more than a decade, and the word has finally gotten out: storytelling is magic.

For external communicators, storytelling is essential for designing effective customers journeys, adapting messaging for various audiences and communicating purpose, values and expertise. For internal communicators, storytelling helps generate alignment, build culture and address resistance to change. 

For individual leaders, storytelling gets the message across much more efficiently than just the facts.

In each of these use cases, storytelling means something much more than linear messaging. Today’s strategic storytellers know how to zoom out and assess the bigger picture of communication; they transcend the more limited concept of a story as simply messaging or copy.

Whether working with individuals or teams, my work always begins by redefining what business storytelling means. As clients broaden their definition of storytelling to include every form of workplace communication to any audience, they level up all facets of how they communicate—and their collaboration, creativity and critical thinking as well.

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