Leadership Storytelling Training
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Leadership Storytelling Training: Inspire Your Team, Captivate Your Stakeholders

Lead Like a Storyteller is a unique leadership storytelling training that unfolds like a story, where your executive team is the main character. 

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Unlock the Power of Storytelling and Become a More Effective and Visionary Leader

Embark on a transformative journey with our Leadership Storytelling Training Workshop – an immersive experience designed to equip leaders with the art of storytelling. Led by renowned expert Jordan Bower, this workshop is tailored to enhance your leadership communication skills, making you a more compelling and influential leader in every interaction.

The days when “business storytelling” only referred to leadership speeches have gone the way of the Blackberry. In today’s dynamic and evolving landscape, storytelling is an essential skill that applies to many different forms of leadership communication, including pitches, presentations, storytelling with data, transformation messaging and much more.

By attending this training, you and your executive team will develop a time-tested communications toolkit—enhancing your skills and immediately improving your impact.

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Why Choose Leadership Storytelling Training?

In a world where effective communication is paramount, our Leadership Storytelling Training goes beyond how-to. It’s not just about speeches; it’s about weaving dynamic narratives that inspire and resonate with your team. In today’s fast-evovling business landscape, storytelling is a crucial skill that extends to various forms of leadership communication, including team presentations, strategic messaging, and change management communications.

Led by acclaimed facilitator Jordan Bower, our leadership storytelling training is a unique seminar for your executive team. Lead Like A Storyteller will equip you with a versatile leadership communication toolkit that can immediately be applied to your real-world leadership scenarios—elevating your skills and impact.

Jordan brings a wealth of expertise and real-world insights, having helped professionals globally learn sales storytelling for more than fifteen years.

  • Lay the foundation for exceptional leadership communication: Master the art and science of leadership storytelling, a key aspect of impactful leadership communication.
  • Elevate presentation skills: Learn to captivate and inspire during team presentations, strategic discussions, and virtual leadership meetings.
  • Storytelling with impact: Transform your leadership messages into impactful narratives that resonate with your team and stakeholders.
  • Enhance strategic storytelling: Adapt your storytelling to diverse leadership contexts, thinking creatively and fostering engagement.
  • Build competence and confidence: Learn in a supportive environment with personalized feedback tailored to your leadership style.
  • Immediate application: Walk away with tangible takeaways that can be implemented in your leadership role right away.
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What to Expect: An Interactive Journey

Lead Like a Storyteller goes beyond theory, immersing your team in a hands-on, interactive learning experience. Jordan brings a wealth of expertise and real-world insights, having helped professionals globally learn to apply leadership storytelling techniques for more than fifteen years.

During the workshop, you’ll learn how time-tested storytelling techniques have been applied to a business context, including presentations, pitches and storytelling with data. Then, through interactive exercises, you will apply these techniques to your real work, achieving immediate improvement and learning. Along the way, you will strengthen their creative problem solving, discuss obstacles to change and have a lot of fun. 

The Workshop Experience

During Lead Like a Storyteller, you will move through three dynamic modules:

  1. The Art and Science of Leadership Storytelling: Uncover the elements that make a story truly compelling, exploring the psychology behind storytelling and analyzing successful leadership narratives.
  2. Interactive Exercises and Group Activities: Dive into hands-on activities, collaborative exercises, and peer feedback sessions to apply leadership storytelling principles in a dynamic, interactive setting.
  3. Workshop Your Real Strategic Narratives: Tailor your storytelling skills to specific leadership contexts, refine delivery, and showcase newfound abilities in a final showcase event.

Every Workshop is Tailored to You

Great storytelling is about adapting your message to your audience. We certainly practice what we preach!

  • Before the workshop, we conduct detailed research about your organization and your team, ensuring that the content, examples, and exercises align with your context and skill level. Our research includes review of your existing sales messaging as well as several 1-on-1 interviews with participants.
  • During the workshop, expert facilitation ensures a dynamic and personalized experience.
  • After the workshop, we meet with you to review, providing customized recommendations for continued skill development.

Who Can Benefit:

This workshop is for leaders from diverse industries and roles, including executives, managers, team leaders, and those involved in change management. No matter your level of leadership experience, our workshop will propel you to new heights in your leadership storytelling journey.

Topics Covered in the Leadership Storytelling Training:

This storytelling trainings covers topics like:

  • Core components of a compelling leadership story
  • Psychology of effective leadership storytelling
  • Approaches to strategic storytelling
  • Analyzing successful leadership stories for inspiration
  • Storytelling with data
  • Crafting personalized leadership narratives
  • Group storytelling exercises for leadership teams
  • Providing and receiving constructive feedback
  • Diverse storytelling styles in a leadership context
  • Tailoring stories to audience and leadership context
  • Enhancing presentation skills through storytelling
  • Storytelling for strategic leadership messaging
  • Fine-tuning delivery and timing in leadership communication

Applications of the Leadership Storytelling Training:

The content in this storytelling training can be applied to many executive communications functions, including:

  • Pitches
  • Fundraising
  • Investor Calls
  • Board Meetings
  • Employee All-Hands
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Leading Transformation Initiatives
  • Visionary Speeches
  • Informal conversations with stakeholders and employees
  • Developing Strategic Narratives
  • Visions, Missions and Values
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Jordan Bower

Leadership Storytelling Training

Jordan Bower

Over the last ten years, Jordan Bower has become one of the world’s top teachers of business storytelling. His clients have included companies from just about every industry, from technology to banking to resources to government and many more. He has delivered storytelling workshops in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, and he has spoken about business storytelling to leadership audiences at many conferences.

As a professional speaker, coach, facilitator and transformation consultant, Jordan brings all of himself into his work. His gift is a remarkable curiosity, openness and emotional intelligence. His work draws from a variety of influences, including formal business education, psychology, meditation and mind-body arts. He has a great sense of humor, a playful style and a remarkable expertise.

Transformational Consultant Jordan Bower. Delivers business storytelling workshop.

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Get Started Today

Ready to elevate your leadership team’s storytelling skills? Contact us today to learn more and embark on a journey of transformation.

  • Designed for 1 days (7 hours) of learning. 2-Day, Half-Day and Introductory Sessions also available.
  • Designed to be delivered in-person. Can also be delivered virtually, hybrid or as part of an off-site retreat.
  • We’ll travel to your location. Jordan is based on the West Coast.
  • Accommodates group sizes from 8-50+. Got bigger ideas? We’ve worked with teams of over 300 people. 
  • Want something a little different? We love being creative! Let’s find a solution for your leadership team.

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FAQ about Leadership Storytelling Training

1. What is the focus of the Leadership Storytelling Training?

The workshop empowers leaders with the skills to craft and deliver compelling leadership narratives, enhancing communication and influence.

2. Who can benefit from this workshop?

Suitable for leaders at all professional levels, from executives to experienced managers in any leadership role.

3. What can I expect to learn from the workshop?

Insights into the art of storytelling, structuring compelling leadership narratives, and interactive exercises to apply skills in real-world leadership scenarios.

4. Is this workshop only for people in specific industries?

No, the principles of storytelling are universal. Our workshop is designed to benefit leaders across various industries, adaptable to different leadership contexts.

5. How is the workshop structured?

Divided into modules: The Art of Compelling Leadership Stories, Interactive Exercises and Group Activities, and Crafting Your Leadership Narrative, creating a comprehensive learning experience.

6. What interactive elements are included in the workshop?

Hands-on activities, group exercises, and personalized feedback sessions. These interactive elements are designed to reinforce the concepts learned and provide a dynamic learning environment.

7. Can my leadership team attend with no prior storytelling experience?

Absolutely! The workshop caters to leaders with varying levels of storytelling experience. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or looking to refine existing skills, you’ll find the content accessible and beneficial.

8. How can I access additional resources after the workshop?

Your leadership team will receive additional materials, recommended readings, and tools to continue developing their storytelling skills after the workshop.

9. I can’t attend your workshop, but I want to learn more about leadership storytelling. Can you recommend some great videos?

Sure, happily:

TED Talks:

Google Talks:

These videos cover a range of topics related to business storytelling, leadership, and effective communication.

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