Coaching with Jordan

Transformation is a difficult and rewarding process. Jordan is an expert at guiding clients through the practical and emotional journey of change, so you can address complexity, uncover possibilities and find new satisfaction.

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, working with an experienced and insightful coach can help you uncover what you need to get to the next level.

Are you trying to bring new engagement and impact to how you communicate at work? Do you want to improve the way you run meetings or off-sites? Are you looking for the next step in your growth?

As a leadership coach, Jordan combines deep subject matter expertise with remarkable emotional intelligence to help you take the next courageous step on your personal journey. He helps people with challenges like:

Communicating with Clarity

Finding the essence of what you’re trying to say is essential for getting the message across—and for customizing the message for different contexts and audiences. This is a challenging process of editing and refinement as you get to the heart of the message.

Becoming a Better Listener

Every great communicator starts with understanding your audience. This essential skill can be exceptionally difficult to learn, especially when we need to go beyond the theory.

Improving Your Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is about much more than generating ideas. It’s also about how you work with uncertainty, complexity and chaos. We need to step beyond the defined frameworks—and face the terror of stepping into the unknown.

Addressing External Resistance

One of the hardest parts of leading change is that others can’t see what you can. Often, it’s because others are firmly entrenched in their existing positions and judgements. As change leaders, we need to combine logic and emotion to inspire change—and we need great compassion for ourselves and others.

Finding New Vision and Fulfilment at Work

Work can be a deeply fulfilling arena for us to express our inner gifts to the world.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative and co-creative process: a learning experience that’s customized to you. You work with an expert dynamic thinker who helps you unpack your challenges, find solutions and convert them into tangible next steps and actions. Along the way, you can evolve some deep-rooted assumptions about yourself, uncovering new skills, motivation and fulfilment.

Coaching is a fun, fruitful and practical journey of growth.

What is different about Jordan Bower?

Jordan brings a remarkable passion and genuine love to his work. He becomes deeply invested in you and your success—balancing empathetic listening with clear direction and guidance, when necessary. Jordan’s long experience as a business storyteller, facilitator and coach gives you a unique perspective on how to successfully balance inner growth with practical business outcomes. He is deeply creative, playful and occasionally wise as he nurtures you through the journey of transformation.

Who does Jordan work with?

Jordan’s past coaching clients have included: CEOs, C-Suite, Senior Leaders and Developing Leaders across a wide range of organizational functions. He has also worked with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, politicians, influencers, YouTubers and many more!

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Jordan Bower is an innovation, transformation and storytelling consultant.

For individuals, teams and organizations.