Storytelling Coaching for Individuals

Bring new levels of clarity, emotionality and impact to how you communicate.

“Jordan knows his stuff inside and out, and he communicates it wonderfully.”

Why Get Coaching on Business Storytelling?

Storytelling is the art of eliciting emotion through communication. This is what takes an informational message and gives it life.

As a professional, storytelling is a foundational skill for all forms of workplace communication: from the examples you might think of—like public speaking and presentations—to the ones you might not, like designing customer journeys, adapting messaging for various audiences, presenting data effectively, and communicating trust, values, expertise and purpose.

Learning to be a better storyteller can have broad-reaching consequences to how you think about communication—and how you lead others. It is essential for communicating complexity and emotionality, especially in this time of profound change.

Why Hire Jordan as Your Storytelling Coach

  1. Personalized

    I don’t "train" you to be a storyteller. Our work together is a true creative partnership. I draw upon my tools, strategies and emotional intelligence to help guide you towards goals that you set for yourself.

  2. Trusted

    My priority is to make it feel safe for you to explore communicating in a different way. This is a big deal. I help you make the inner change that will lead you to the substantial outer results.

  3. Visionary

    I want to guide you to envision a different version of yourself, and then use storytelling concepts to guide you there. I believe our work together can be practical and soulful at once.

About Storytelling Coach Jordan Bower

What Draws Me To This Work:

My whole adult life has been an integration between practical business skills and my more creative and emotional sides.

I’ve spent two decades dedicating myself to personal and professional growth in various capacities: from travels around the world to study with some exceptional mentors.

I believe that emotionally meaningful communication should be at the forefront of every leadership training, and I feel deeply honored to be able to share the wisdom I’ve acquired with my storytelling coaching clients.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Essential Details About Storytelling Coaching

Who I Work With:

As a coach, consultant and workshop facilitator, my clients range from individuals to entire organizations. I work with clients based around from the world from my home office in Vancouver, Canada.

My clients have included CEOs, politicians and professional athletes. I have also worked with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, YouTubers, influencers and professionals at all levels inside of an organization, and with backgrounds ranging from product to marketing to sales to finance to HR and more.

What unites these diverse people is a desire to get to the essence of their message and communicate it with impact.

I work with storytellers with diverse skills and backgrounds: from total newbies to people putting out weekly content.

How I Work:

My storytelling coaching engagements are structured around 60-min meetings called “sessions”. Sessions are dynamic, creative conversations that begin with peeling back the layers and end with tangible actions.

During these sessions, we talk about a client’s real communications challenges. With time we begin to unpack themes and give language to recurring obstacles.

Gradually we introduce tactics and concepts that help clients envision a new style of communicating that is an improvement while also remaining authentic.

With my help, the client moves through the change—both functionally and emotionally.

This cycle can recur over and over again, as clients become more knowledgeable and sophisticated.

The interplay between the theory and the emotional integration is what makes these sessions always dynamic and creative.


I charge US$300 for a 60-minute session.

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