leadership storytelling coaching

Leadership Storytelling Coaching

Today, with so much change and uncertainty, perhaps you want a new type of mentor—someone who helps you ask the right questions that lead to the right answers.

I work with many different types of clients: from executives to entrepreneurs, from thought leaders to influencers. On the surface, my leadership coaching engagements are about helping them improve how they communicate: helping them tell “their story” in a more effective way, whether they are giving speeches, presentations, TED talks, or advocating for change in some other way.

But good communication is about more than ideas. Our engagements peel back the layers, often considering a wider and deeper range of factors than perhaps you might have initially considered. A leadership storytelling coaching engagement is truly a creative journey that you and I will travel together.

The outcomes of these engagements are pervasive. Shifting how you communicate can be a superpower, in that it opens up new opportunities and avenues that perhaps were not accessible when we began. Some of my clients have gone on to write books, improve their public speaking, get booked for paying gigs. Others have received promotions or changed jobs to find something more fulfilling.

As a coach, I see my role as two-fold. One is to support you. The other is to challenge you. I often move between these roles during our engagements, in a way that is dynamic and customized to each individual. Everyone will get something different out of working with me as a coach. The best way to understand what coaching can do for you is to book me for a free 30 minute intro session. We will quickly understand whether we are right for each other.

I look forward to speaking with you!

  • Open to anyone in the English speaking world. I work via Zoom from the Pacific Time Zone.
  • Our work can apply to any type of communications challenge. Presentations, writing, storytelling with data, social media…
  • Initial engagements start from 3 months. This allows us enough time to get below the surface.
  • Initial pricing starts from US$3000. Packages are customized based on your goals.

Take the first step towards transformation.