Business Storytelling Workshop

Think Like a Storyteller

Transformational Business Storytelling Workshop
for Organizational Teams

Business Storytelling Workshop

Hi, I’m Jordan Bower: Master Business Storytelling Teacher

Today, we are all feeling the pressure to communicate data and drive effective decision making… all with limited time, resources and stakeholder attention.

Business Storytelling is a principle-based approach to strategic communication that can make your team—and your messages—more engaging and impactful.

This storytelling workshop for business will introduce your team to the concepts and frameworks of business storytelling, so you can improve your communication immediately.

No matter whether you are speaking to external audiences or internal stakeholders, storytelling principles can help your team level up the impact of your communication.

“Jordan taught us a brilliant, proven business storytelling process that I can apply to my stakeholder presentations and reports… Every product leader, engineer and analyst in our company should attend this workshop!”

Business Storytelling Workshop
Business Storytelling Workshop
Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower. Storytelling consultant

Learn the Basics
of Business Storytelling

Business Storytelling Workshop
Business Storytelling Workshop
Business Storytelling Workshop

Transform How You Think
About Business Storytelling

In this workshop, you will learn that business storytelling is much more than “telling a story” with a beginning, middle and end.

Business storytelling is actually:

  1. 1-circle

    Clarifying a complex, data-driven message

    Find the essence of what you want to say so others can follow.

  2. 2-circle

    Improving understanding audiences and stakeholders

    Tailoring your message to different situations makes it feel dynamic and alive.

  3. 3-circle

    Supercharging the ability to engage emotionally.

    Connect with your audiences to make your message resonate.

Business Storytelling Workshop

Start with interactive exercises that break the ice and introduce key business storytelling concepts.

Our workshop is dynamic, creative and lots of fun!

Study best practice examples of effective business storytelling.

We customize examples to your team and industry. They can include pitches, data graphics, Powerpoint decks, writing and much more.

Business Storytelling Workshop
team works on a narrative at a business storytelling training

Apply your new insights to improve your real leadership or team messaging.

You will “workshop” real case studies that are chosen in advance, with approval from your leadership.

Present your stories and get personalized feedback you can apply immediately.

Everyone on your team will walk away with relevant and tangible learnings.

Business Storytelling Workshop
Jordan Bower

Develop a tailored action plan that aligns your team.

Finish the workshop by discussing what your team needs to do to continue to level up your business storytelling skills.

Jordan has delivered Think Like a Storyteller for
more than 100 organizational clients, including:

“We came into the room unclear about how to talk about a highly technical product. Our business storytelling workshop helped us walk away knowing exactly which stories to tell and why.”

Business Storytelling Workshop
Business Storytelling Workshop
Jordan Bower
Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower
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Additional Questions about Business Storytelling Workshops

1. What are the learning objectives of a business storytelling workshop?

During this workshop, your team will:

  1. Understand the concept and importance of business storytelling in today’s communications environment
  2. Learn the basic building blocks of business storytelling
  3. Study best practice examples of business storytelling to understand how these building blocks apply
  4. Participate in facilitated business storytelling exercises
  5. Apply your new insights to your team’s real-life case studies
  6. Discuss and align around next steps that are tailored to your team

2. Who attends a workshop?

Many of our workshops are delivered to just one functional team, such as executives, sales, marketing, internal consultants, product and service designers, change leaders, etc.

Many other workshops are delivered to blended groups. In these blended circumstances, we help you pre-select case studies in advance, so everyone can apply their new insights to something directly relevant to their real work.

This content is supplemented with personalized coaching and guidance from expert, Jordan Bower.

3. How long are storytelling workshops? Are they virtual or in-person?

The standard length of a storytelling workshop is 1 full day. Our experience tells us that 1 day is the minimum amount of time that is necessary to move through the process and achieve a shift in perspective.

We can also accommodate shorter availabilities, ranging from 60 minutes to a half day. In these shorter sessions, we often focus on more introductory concepts—helping teams understand both the basics of storytelling and the justification for pursuing further learning.

The majority of our workshops are delivered in-person, though we often accommodate groups with virtual and hybrid needs.

4. Who facilitates the storytelling workshops?

Every workshop is facilitated by Jordan Bower. Jordan is a widely recognized expert in business storytelling who has spoken at many conferences and delivered more than 100 workshops to various organizations in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia.

5. Where can I see examples of Jordan’s teaching style/communications skills?

Here are some example podcasts showing Jordan’s communication style:

6. What interactive elements are included in the workshop?

The workshop is highly hands-on. More than 2/3 of the session time is spent in paired or small-group exercises. Lecture-based learning is minimized in favor of experiential learning, with the goal of teaching everyone how to use storytelling principles for themselves. Everyone walks away with a personalized insight that they can apply directly to their jobs.

7. What is the average group size of a workshop?

The average group size is 15-25 participants. The minimum is around 8-10. We have worked with groups of 300 people and more.

8. How are case studies chosen for the workshop?

In advance of the workshop, we will hold a planning call with your organizer/leadership. We will work together to select a case study that is drawn from your team’s real work that can be used as a learning tool during the storytelling workshop.

Examples of case studies often include slides from Powerpoint decks, emails, graphs and other team-based messaging. The point is not to criticize existing work, but to use these as a learning tool and jumping off point—enabling immediate improvement.

9. Can my team attend if we have no prior experience or a wide variety of skills in storytelling?

Absolutely! The workshop caters to individuals with varying levels of storytelling experience. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine existing skills, you’ll find our content accessible and beneficial.

10. Does this workshop apply to storytelling with data?

Yes! The basic building blocks of business storytelling apply specifically to telling engaging stories with data. Our content can cater to new learners, or experts in the storytelling with data field.

11. Can I access additional resources after the workshop?

Your team will receive additional materials, recommended readings, and tools to continue developing their storytelling skills after the workshop. Additionally, we will meet with your organizer/leadership after the workshop to review the learning experience and to recommend customized next steps.

12. I can’t attend your workshop, but I want to learn more about business storytelling. Can you recommend some great videos?

Sure, happily:

TED Talks:

Google Talks:

These videos cover a range of topics related to business storytelling, leadership, and effective communication.

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