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Business Storytelling Workshop:
Think Like a Storyteller

Ready to improve how your team communicates, collaborates and thinks critically about communication? Welcome. You’re in the right place.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

I’m Jordan Bower: Expert consultant, leadership coach, speaker and business storytelling workshop facilitator.

My clients are taking business storytelling to a new level of strategic thinking and operational impact.

Business storytelling is among the most important skills in a leadership toolkit. Storytelling takes an informational message and gives it life. 

Storytelling is also among the most sophisticated leadership skills in that it synthesizes strategic thinking and emotional intelligence. Using storytelling to its potential goes beyond knowing how to tell the story; it also requires improving the foundations of communications so a message can be more effective, engaging and authentic.

This unique storytelling workshop helps my clients achieve this goal.

I’ve been teaching this subject matter for more than a decade, and the word has finally gotten out: storytelling is magic. This workshop helps clients integrate this magic practically by zooming out, assessing the bigger picture of their communication and using what they find to make precise and practical changes to their strategy.

This definition of business storytelling transcends the more limited concept of a speaker telling a static story to a passive audience.

Sound interesting? I’d love to connect with you and show you my passion for this work.

Business Storytelling Workshops: Selected Past Clients

“Jordan knows his stuff inside and out, and he communicates it wonderfully.”

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Overview of Think Like a Storyteller

This experiential introduction to effective business storytelling provides context, frameworks and inspiration.

In today’s dynamic environment, effective communications strategy requires Applied Business Storytelling.

For external communicators, storytelling is essential for designing effective customers journeys, adapting messaging for various audiences and communicating purpose, values and expertise. For internal communicators, storytelling helps generate alignment, build culture and address resistance to change. 

For individual leaders, storytelling gets the message across much more efficiently and authentically than just the facts.

In each of these use cases, storytelling means something much more than linear messaging. 

This workshop introduces organizational teams to the Business Storytelling Ecosystem illustrated below.

The Storytelling Ecosystem is a foundational framework that helps every business communicator go deeper and get clearer about what they’re trying to communicate:

  • What is the essence of what we want to say? 
  • What nuances will change how it resonates?
  • How does it fit with our functional systems, existing requirements and goals? 
  • How does it align with our ideal relationship with our audiences?

Audiences takeaway new language, mindsets and strategic direction about how better storytelling can be practically integrated into their work.

Essential Details about Think Like a Storyteller

  • Designed for organizational teams—i.e. Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product, etc. Mixed groups work too!
  • Average group size is 18-25. Minimum group size is 8. We’ve worked with groups over 200!
  • We travel to your location from our office in Vancouver, Canada. (Hybrid/virtual options also available.)
  • All workshops are facilitated by applied business storytelling expert, Jordan Bower.

“Should be mandatory for everyone in our organization.”

— Workshop Attendee, Criteo

“Totally changed how I think about business storytelling. The results were immediate.”

— Workshop Attendee, King’s Hawaiian

More Details about this Storytelling Workshop

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of a Business Storytelling Workshop are:

  1. Understand the importance and relevance of applied business storytelling and how it relates specifically to your team;
  2. Understand how to use two essential frameworks of Business Storytelling;
  3. Apply these frameworks to the team’s real strategic stories;
  4. Analyze the results and identify practical strategies for improvement;
  5. Proactively address change resistance as a team; and,
  6. Agree on tangible next steps.

These objectives are achieved through a combination of structured exercises, facilitated group discussion and individual creative work.

Attendees takeaway new language, mindsets and strategic direction about how better storytelling can be practically integrated into their work.

Every storytelling workshop is unique.

How The Storytelling Workshop is Structured

  1. Morning: Set context & introduce frameworks
    • Paired storytelling exercises
    • Examples, exercises and group discussion
    • Applying frameworks to a real team story and evaluating the results
  2. Afternoon: Facilitated practice to improve team strategy & tactics
    • Work in small groups to develop simple, practical improvements to team stories
    • Discuss and integrate the learning
    • Address resistance to change as a team
    • Agree on next steps


  • Standard Length is 1 Day (7.5 hrs)
  • Virtual/hybrid options available.
  • 1/2 Day and 2 Day versions also available.
  • Can be supplemented with individual coaching & ongoing consulting support

Jordan delivers keynote speeches about business storytelling at conferences and SKOs.

Questions about Business Storytelling Workshops

  • I work with organizational teams from 5 people to over 500. Most of my clients are based in North America and Europe. (I’m based on the West Coast of Canada and I speak English.) Further afield? Reach out anyway—I’d love to help!

  • You can expect your team to redefine how they think about business storytelling and become more strategic about how they apply this essential skill to their work.

    Business storytelling is partially about the specific words and partially about the tone or feeling that gets communicated in the messaging. This ability to work with both the emotions and the practical aspects of a message is called integrated intelligence. It’s the essential communication for dynamic and engaging storytelling.

    As your team comes to understand storytelling in this more dynamic and authentic way, they will discover new creative approaches for implementing these ideas into their real messaging. I’m there as a facilitator and expert guide to show you precisely what implementing business storytelling requires for you.

  • Yes. The concepts that are explored in the workshop can apply to any type of business communication. Both any job role—such as marketing, sales, leadership, change management, etc.—as well as any type of communication—such as writing, Powerpoint, videos, social media, emails, etc.

    I have worked frequently and successfully with mixed groups.

  • Most definitely. One of the key pieces we discuss during the workshop is how to integrate factual pieces of information—like features, benefits and data—with the emotional characteristics that will make the information engaging, memorable or inspiring. We spend a lot of time discussing storytelling with data during the workshop.

  • For sure. We teach clear, practical and insightful techniques that can be applied to any kind of message for any kind of team. In order to use them, however, participants need to move through an inner shift that allows the techniques to become authentic and genuine. The workshop is designed to achieve two goals at once: deliver these storytelling frameworks while also facilitating this inner shift that will enable participants to use them.

  • All the time. This workshop can be presented in a variety of forms for all kinds of learners. I’ll work with you to customize the workshop to the needs of your group.

  • My calendar tends to book 3-4 months in advance. But if you need something sooner, contact me anyway. We may be able to squeeze you in. 😀

  • Some clients engage me to work with their organization in a deeper way. In addition to facilitating storytelling workshops, I also act as a business transformation consultant, keynote speaker and a leadership storytelling coach, among other things.

    My expertise is in communication, creativity, complex problem solving and leading change. Looking forward to telling you more if we get the chance to chat!

  • Yes, I facilitate all business storytelling workshops.

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