Business Storytelling Workshop

When times change, when trust is essential and when context matters, leaders turn to storytelling.

Whenever we sell products, advocate ideas or lead change, we are storytellers—no matter whether we use words, pictures or data. Business storytelling is an essential skill that significantly improves the impact of communications in meetings, presentations, pitches, emails and beyond.

In this expertly facilitated 1 or 2 day workshop, instructor Jordan Bower introduces your team to the concepts and frameworks of Business Storytelling. Your team will discover a new common language, deepen relationships with their stakeholders and each other, and walk away ready to implement innovative tactics for communicating their real messages with greater impact.

“Jordan knows his stuff inside out, and he communicates it wonderfully.”

~ Workshop Attendee, Canadian Tire Triangle Learning Academy

Our Storytelling Workshops are:

  1. Engaging & motivating

    Storytelling workshops are interactive, participatory and inspiring. Every workshop is facilitated by Jordan Bower: an engaging speaker and dynamic creative thinker.

  2. Relevant to your business

    Every workshop includes a pre-workshop assessment, customized content and case studies, and a post-workshop reflection with leadership.

  3. Essential skills-based training

    Companies have a nearly 7% higher employee retention rate when providing skills-based training, according to LinkedIn's Global Talent Trends.

Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower
team works on a narrative at a business storytelling training

Learning Objectives for a Business Storytelling Workshop

  • Define the concept of business storytelling
  • Explore how it applies to individual and team strategic goals
  • Identify components of effective business storytelling
  • Employ frameworks to understand stakeholders better
  • Evaluate functional and emotional obstacles to improving communication
  • Design innovative tactics and strategic modifications
  • Apply learning to existing messaging frameworks
  • Plan next steps

Topics Covered for a Storytelling Workshop Training

  • How to craft a story (presentation, report, strategic narrative, email, etc.)
  • Storytelling with data
  • Understanding your audience/stakeholders
  • Improving creativity and charisma
  • Balancing fact vs. emotion, professional vs. personal, serious vs. human
  • Integrating change and envisioning next steps

Business Storytelling Training Logistics

  • Designed for any organizational team that wants to improve the clarity and impact of their communication with stakeholders.
  • The workshop format is a flexible structure that can apply to functional teams (executives, sales, marketing, product, HR, design, etc.) and to groups of people managers (senior leaders, middle managers, high-performers, etc.)
  • Ideal size is 15-30. Larger and smaller groups possible.
  • Various configurations of in person, remote and hybrid possible.
  • Can be delivered as a 1 or 2 day workshop or as a multi-week learning journey.

Understand the Storytelling Business Case

  • Immediately improve impact. Clearer, more inspired communication is much more efficient for generating influence, understanding and trust.
  • Build skills on the job. Companies have a nearly 7% higher retention rate at the 3-year mark with employees who have learned skills on the job, according to LinkedIn’s 2023 report.
  • Deepen team relationships. When a team goes through an emotionally meaningful learning experience, the lasting legacy far outperforms conventional training.
  • Develop a common language. New vocabulary about communication helps teams integrate sustainable change.
  • Improve problem solving. Building organizational capacity to think abstractly has applications well beyond communication.

What Does a Storytelling Workshop Include?

Pre-Workshop Assessment

We review your existing strategic messaging and talk to your team to assess where you currently stand.

Planning Session

We listen to your goals and customize our business storytelling content and approach accordingly.

Strategizing Next Steps

We meet with the team’s management to discuss the results of the workshop—and suggest possible next steps.

“Improved the skill of everyone on our team, from individual contributors to leadership.”

~ Chief Revenue Officer, King’s Hawaiian

Meet the Storytelling Workshop Facilitator

Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower

Jordan Bower is a dynamic creative thinker, expert group facilitator and accomplished business storyteller.

Since 2013, Jordan has designed and developed business storytelling workshops for clients like Autodesk, Mozilla, Pearson Education and dozens more. He has delivered keynote speeches for audiences ranging from corporate executives, small-business leaders, entrepreneurs and government officials.

“Jordan’s storytelling workshop was a safe space to navigate the complexity of workplace communication in real time.”

~ Business Development, BigPanda

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