Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower

“Most people think that business storytelling is about talking about your product or your brand or your project or your strategy while your audience listens in awe. What I do helps my clients dig deeper into the heart of their message. What’s the essence of what you want to get across? How is that going to resonate in the inner world of your audience? What’s getting in the way of the story you want to tell? Engagement and impact is built on a smart foundation of strategy, tactics and insight. That’s what my business storytelling workshop helps your team achieve.

Jordan Bower,
Creativity & Business Storytelling Consultant

Business Storytelling Workshop:
Next-Level Training for Teams

Introducing this Business Storytelling Workshop

Delivered in Person or Remotely

  • Designed for organizational teams from 8-100+
  • Customized for different functions: marketing, sales, leadership, change management, innovation, product, culture, data, and more.

Practical & Highly Interactive

  • Understand the why of business storytelling
  • Practice the concepts in creative & practical ways
team works on a narrative at a business storytelling training
  • Use these ideas to improve your real work
  • Get lasting results immediately

“Jordan knows his stuff inside and out, and he communicates it wonderfully.”

I’ve delivered my Business Storytelling Workshop for clients like:

A Business Storytelling Workshop At a Glance

Business storytelling offers concrete, teachable techniques that will dependably improve the impact of any professional communication. Our workshop introduces these techniques in an interactive and creative format. No boring lectures allowed!

Storytelling Workshop 4

Every business storytelling workshop creates a safe, playful environment for people to give our new ideas a dry run. Your team will work in pairs and small groups, personalizing these ideas so they can solve your real business problems.

Every business storytelling workshop is facilitated by master storyteller Jordan Bower. My job is to help your team learn the most relevant concepts quickly, so you can achieve immediate results.

Master business storyteller Jordan Bower delivers a storytelling workshop

Meet master business storyteller Jordan Bower

I’ve been delivering this storytelling workshop for nearly ten years.

Jordan Bower—Storytelling Workshop & Business Transformation Consultant
This is me in my COVID jail cell… I mean, my business storytelling workshop home office

Hi there—My name’s Jordan, and I’m really glad you’ve found me!

Let’s cut to the chase: what is business storytelling and why should a team attend one of our business storytelling workshops?

The answer has everything to do with how workplace communication has changed over the last decade. In simpler times, business communication was based on the facts. Stakeholders, customers and audiences could be satisfied with reports and straightforward data points. But in today’s dynamic and volatile market, there is a much greater need

  • to establish context and importance
  • to engage and even entertain
  • to simplify and clarify
  • to convey authenticity and emotion
  • to use visual and non-verbal cues to improve the impact of the facts

You know what happens when you write a long, dense, boring email? Everyone’s too busy, so nobody reads it.

Business storytelling is all about massaging your message so it impacts your stakeholders.

Some business storytellers literally tell stories. For example,

  • A CEO may deliver a speech that inspires their team to move through a challenging time.
  • An executive leader may write a thought leadership piece that gets published on LinkedIn or in Forbes.
  • A marketing team may develop a compelling brand campaign that gets experienced across multiple channels.
  • A sales rep may get a prospect to yes by delivering a compelling success story.
  • An internal change agent may set an umbrella narrative about the opportunities and roadblocks associated with organizational transformation.

These stories could appear in presentations, videos, Powerpoints, informal conversations, or even TED talks.

Other business people may use storytelling in a more indirect way, like:

  • Positioning a new project
  • Highlighting the most important data points
  • Structuring facts in a way that’s easy to digest
  • Helping others move through behavior change

Storytelling is an incredibly foundational and multifaceted skill for everyone in business.

No matter what you do, if you communicate with other humans, you can improve your impact by learning the basic ideas behind business storytelling.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

My Business Storytelling Workshop will give your team theory, practice and expert guidance

I was an early entrant to the business storytelling workshop world—way back in 2013. Since then, I’ve delivered dozens of workshops to organizations big and small in places like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Los Angeles, Paris, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur…

From the beginning, I realized that it was impossible to teach a group everything there is to know about storytelling in just a day or two. It was too much, and it wasn’t relevant.

Instead, I’ve designed my storytelling workshops to focus on three pillars:

  • Business Storytelling Theory
  • Hands-on and Personalized Practice
  • Expert Guidance and Integration

Pillar #1: Business Storytelling Theory

My business storytelling workshops are all based on one clear idea: “integrated intelligence”. By my definition, integration intelligence is the productive synergy of EQ and IQ.

Great business storytellers are excellent at generating content that is logical and rational. And, they are also excellent at identifying the emotional elements that will make that logical content engaging, impactful, and memorable.

I begin every storytelling workshop by introducing this idea and showing how it applies specifically to that group. In the process, I help groups answer questions like:

  • What are emotional elements of communication?
  • How do they apply to different kinds of business communication?
  • What’s the right balance of emotion and fact?
  • How does the balance shift for different audiences?
  • Does the message need to shift along with the balance?

These questions are all discussed in a lively and highly engaging learning session that leaves everyone with a new perspective on how good communication works.

Pillar #2: Hands-on and Personalized Practice

Once everyone has a basic understanding of what business storytelling means, the workshop shifts into putting it into practice. We break into pairs and small groups to begin applying the storytelling ideas to real business problems.

Often, we start with the most familiar form of storytelling: telling stories about ourselves. Every participant takes the newly learned ideas to construct a compelling and creative 2-3 minute story about themselves. Then, they practice telling these stories in pairs, receiving feedback from their colleagues.

This isn’t just a great learning experience—it’s highly bonding and connecting.

Pillar #3: Expert Guidance and Integration

From there, the group will shift their attention to one of the key stories they tell as a team. For example, a marketing team might work on a particular campaign; a change management team might work on a project narrative; a sales team might work on a success story. Once again, in pairs and small groups, the group will workshop this real story. (The precise story is often selected in advance with feedback from leadership.)

It’s my role to provide expert guidance, helping your team identify simple, straightforward improvements that will substantially increase the impact of your communication. I will also help bring new creative ideas to the surface.

Often, as new ideas arrive, the team needs time to digest and think through how to move forward. I approach this as a facilitator, creating a safe space for the team to discuss, debate and address questions together.

By the end of the session, the group aligns on a clear action plan for substantially leveling up your skills and strategies—and the results you can create.

I’d love to tell you much more about how a business storytelling workshop can help your team. Feel free to reach out!

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