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Strategic Planning Facilitator for Transformational Leadership

Develop a strategic plan that helps your organization achieve greater adaptability, impact and managerial alignment.

Strategic Planning Facilitator

Overcome Hidden Blockages.
Create Alignment and Innovation.
Redefine The Future of Your Organization.

Let’s just come out and say it: the old approach to strategic planning is broken. What good is it making 2, 5 or even 10 year plans when none of us knows what will happen tomorrow?

Today’s leaders are facing a paradox. On one hand, it is essential to create clear plans and goals that will help a team create consensus and directions. On the other hand, we already know that those plans will be immediately under threat from technological changes like AI—not to mention other seen and unforeseen shifts in the market.

In this environment, organizational adaptability and innovation are essential. In order for these to be more than buzzwords, they must apply to the strategic planning process itself.

It is essential to reimagine how you approach strategic planning in order for your team to see those plans as authentic—and for them to be able to adapt when something changes.

Don’t worry: we know how to help.

Strategic Planning Facilitator

We partner with the strategy leaders of large and mid-sized organizations to help you reimagine your direction and recalibrate your team.

Our expertise is the art of transforming complex systems, like organizational structures and strategies, to evoke greater adaptability, innovation and managerial alignment.

We have worked with strategic leaders at these organizations:

Jordan Bower
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Strategic Planning Facilitator:
Process Overview

Our strategic planning process is based on two core principles: Backcasting and Emergent Change.

We help clients translate these foundational ideas into a tailored transformational journey.


Backcasting is an innovative strategic planning framework that is widely used in science and technology companies—in any context that requires redefining the future.

Unlike “forecasting”, which takes a current state and projects it forward, Backcasting starts with an optimal end state and then projects backwards to generate the steps necessary to get there.

Strategic Planning Facilitator
Strategic Planning Facilitator

Emergent Change

In conventional change management, a final outcome is prescribed by top management, and organizational buy-in is expected/demanded.

By contrast, Emergent Change prioritizes creating the optimal conditions for change, like trust and effective communication.

The outcomes of Emergent Change are often totally unknown at the beginning of the process—similar to the discoveries created through the Scientific Method.

Strategic Planning Facilitator

Hi, I’m Jordan Bower: Strategic Planning Facilitator and Visionary Guide

I have been leading change processes in organizations for the last 15 years.

Along with my colleague, Erwin Pearlman, we have created a unique strategic planning consultancy that helps our clients redefine the future of their organizations—becoming more adaptable, innovative and aligned in the process.

We support clients throughout the transformational journey: from conceptualizing new vision, building momentum for change and refocusing the team, to elevating their own skill development and leadership vision.

We serve small, mid-sized and large clients in Canada, the US and around the world.

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Strategic Planning Facilitator

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