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Jordan’s courses and workshops empower the new mindsets and skills that are necessary for today’s evolving business environment. He equips your team with improved communication, better collaboration and new creative thinking, so you can operate an organization that facilitates its own evolution.

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Business Storytelling Foundations

Jordan’s unique business storytelling curriculum is designed to create more charismatic communicators, helping you level up your team’s overall impact.

Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower


Sales Storytelling Training

In volatile times, when trust is essential and context matters, sales leaders turn to storytelling to improve how they identify and close opportunities.


Real transformational leadership goes beyond the words.

In today’s dynamic environment, we need to do more than communicate the business case for change—we need to embody the change ourselves. This essential and emotional process can be a springboard to new levels of creativity, and new business systems and processes. Jordan helps leaders step away from old ways of working, learning how to work productively with uncertainty and chaos.


Find new ways to lead, while helping bring the best out of others.

Facilitation is the practice of bringing people together to create new levels of collaborative impact. This challenging skill is the foundation of change leadership in today’s continuously evolving environment. Jordan helps change leaders discover their unique style and approach to facilitation, combining best practices with each individual’s unique style

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Jordan Bower is an innovation, transformation and storytelling consultant.

For individuals, teams and organizations.