Working with Jordan Bower

Today, when stability equals adaptability, the solutions to our complex problems can’t be found in the thinking from the past.

We’re in a new world of business, where change is unpredictable, evolutionary and continuous. In this world, new communication approaches are essential, innovation is everyone’s business, and transformation is an ongoing process.

As a transformational storytelling consultant, I guide my clients into this new reality, helping them make functional and emotional shifts that substantially improve how they can innovate, collaborate and communicate. My work can touch multiple organizational functions: from the executive to sales, marketing, product and service design, leadership development, culture and more.

Ultimately, my vision is to create organizations equipped to align and re-align themselves ongoingly as the world changes around them. My work is designed for leaders and teams who are bravely reimagining how they operate… before someone else does it for them.

Intro to Business Storytelling Workshops

In this innovative storytelling workshop, organizational teams level up how they communicate with stakeholders, improving clarity, charisma and overall impact, while shifting their perspective on the essential importance of business storytelling in the new landscape.

Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower

Speaking, Keynotes and SKOs

In his storytelling keynote speeches, Jordan helps audiences envision how to navigate the new business landscape, with an emphasis on new approaches to communication and new mindsets around creative problem solving.

Sales Storytelling Training

In this innovative storytelling workshop, customized for sales teams, customer-facing sales professionals learn new techniques and mindsets for engaging their stakeholders, improving how they communicate with data and connect with their audiences in an emotionally authentic way.

Rocket Science Discovery

In this in-depth organizational analysis, Jordan helps executive clients by peeling back the layers on complex team problems—considering the entire operational system, including functional and emotional dynamics—and custom designing high-level solutions to overcome them.

Transformation Consulting

My transformational consulting engagements help clients integrate the solutions created through a Rocket Science Discovery. The outcomes of these creative engagements often include new narratives, systems, goals and ways of working.

Leadership Coaching in Business Storytelling

I work one-on-one with executive leaders, entrepreneurs and other folks who want to improve the impact of their communication. Our work together touches all aspects from strategy to tactics, from creative vision to self-confidence and more.

Jordan Bower has worked with clients like:

…as well as many small businesses, start-ups and individual thought leaders.

Jordan’s experience spans industries and functional departments: sales, marketing, product, design, finance, HR, executive leadership and more.

Take the first step towards transformation.