Working with Jordan Bower:
Transformational Storytelling Consultant

Tell the story of a brighter future.

Think Like a Storyteller is a unique workplace storytelling seminar that unfolds like a story, where your team is the main character.

Dive into hands-on activities, gain practical skills, and elevate your communication. Help your team learn the power of storytelling in business today.

Storytelling consultant Jordan Bower

Transformational Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower delivers a speech at Culture First.

Rethink how you communicate about change.

Jordan delivers interactive, insightful and disruptive keynote speeches about transformational business storytelling.

His dynamic and motivational talks touch head and heart at once, opening new pathways and catalyzing individual and group transformation.

Become a more dynamic, authentic and impactful team.

Discover your unique vision for an adaptable organization that can continually realign itself as the world changes. Then move through a tailored transformation process that puts your vision into action.

Jordan helps you, your leadership team and your entire organization tell a new story about creative change.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower facilitates a virtual meeting.

team works on a narrative at a business storytelling training

Craft compelling narratives that engage your clients, stakeholders and colleagues.

Find, develop and accelerate the right strategic story that will level up your impact.

Jordan helps executive and functional teams articulate their purpose and goals in ways that will engage and motivate outsiders.

Make your leadership meetings more efficient.

Jordan is a deft meeting facilitator who helps his clients through difficult conversations, addressing blockages, including voices and getting to alignment. He is brought in for one-off meetings, and he also is involved in planning dynamic off-sites and retreats.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower. Executive Meeting Facilitator.


Develop your leadership storytelling skills.

Make shifts in your leadership by learning how to become a better storyteller. Find new ways of thinking and address/overcome barriers to change. Feel more competent, motivated and hopeful about your future.