Why Work with Jordan?

Step beyond the buzzwords to access new levels of integrated (creative) intelligence.


We need new integrated (creative) intelligence to solve the problems of the new world.

Einstein famously taught that significant problems can’t be solved at the same level of thinking used to create them. As the old structures crumble, leaders need to step beyond the strategies of the past in order to work with the dynamic, complex, and ambiguous problems of the future.

Rather than selling a solution, Jordan sells a principled approach that embodies creative intelligence in action.

These key principles are woven through all aspects of his work: consulting, workshops, facilitation, and coaching.

Key Principles of Jordan’s Professional Work

Start with the end in mind.

Conventional thinking begins by “forecasting” what’s “practical” and “realistic.” When working with Jordan, clients begin by backcasting from an ideal future that may or may not be practical or realistic. By temporarily removing blockages to imagination, clients can get in touch with what they really want, revealing unprecedented steps towards achieving it.

Go beneath the surface to reveal root causes.

Complex problem solving requires complex insights into problems. By working with Jordan and exploring the emotional and relational realms, clients can reveal unprecedented solutions to their problems that may have been previously overlooked.

Integrate practical and emotional intelligence.

Too much talk about purpose, values, and vulnerability can be as dysfunctional as the problem it is trying to solve. The solution comes by integrating these two ways of knowing, allowing for more sophisticated diagnosis and more creative responses. By working with Jordan, clients learn to think and feel in a new way—and combine these to go beyond where they’ve been.

Evolve structures to make adaptable change.

When lumped upon cracked foundations, new skills, strategies, and change initiatives are bound to fail. With Jordan’s help, clients analyze and assess their foundations, clarifying what they want and what they need to do to achieve sustainable change. This integration between new learning and structural shift is the dependable path to transformation.

Learn how to tell stories from the future.

As the old structures crumble, we need to look beyond the limiting ideas and data of the past in order to sense the arrival of a truly new future. By working with Jordan, clients learn exactly how to access new ways of sensing and knowing, so they interrupt their old patterns and husband the birth of the new world.

Let’s explore working together.