Strategic Narrative Consulting

Thinking in narrative is a leadership superpower. Narrative helps teams connect past, present and future, encouraging belief and reducing change resistance. In his consulting work, Jordan helps leadership clients find the right narrative: uncovering the right words—as well as the right emotional tone and intent to get people to believe in them.

Jordan helps his clients change how they change.

Jordan is a partner in Rocket Science Strategies: an innovation advisor that facilitates individual, team and organizational transformation.

His firm advises executive leaders who are redefining their change strategy for the emerging world of ongoing evolution.

Rocket Science is a leadership paradigm for the emerging world of ongoing change.

Who was ready for 2020? In an instant, the whole world changed. For decades, the goal of business had been predictability and control. 2020 cracked the foundation. It shattered old concepts about how the world works.

In the emerging world, stability equals adaptability. Today, leadership means rethinking systems and redefining solutions ongoingly. Working in this way requires evolutionary systems and processes; it also requires an inner shift so that leaders can see and reimagine from new levels of consciousness.

At Rocket Science, we move clients beyond the concept of change, beyond the language of change, achieving a new platform that empowers sustainable transformation.

Two Core Mindsets of Rocket Science


Backcasting is about reverse engineering a desired future. It starts from where you want to be and then creates the steps to get there—transcending the linear approach to strategic planning.

Emergent Change

Unlike planned change, which is assumed to have a beginning, middle and end, Emergent Change is about continually aligning and realigning to the evolving world. It makes change a dynamic facilitated process— rather than something mandated from the top down.

Our customized approach allows clients to embrace and integrate change.

  • Discovery: reveals a more complete view of organizational dynamics—and a new understanding of what’s really behind operational challenges.
  • Interruption: this challenging step evolves mindsets and practices. It’s essential for real change.
  • Renewal: generating innovative solutions; empowering greater participation, engagement and excitement.
  • Integration: integrative tools to facilitate the new ecosystem, as well as transformational workshops to refocus the team.

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