Rocket Science Discovery

4-6 Week Innovative Solutions Lab

A Rocket Science Discovery is a learning-oriented process that delivers visionary solutions to complex organizational challenges.

Discovery peels back the layers of an operational system, considering both functional and emotional-relational dynamics. From this deeper and more holistic perspective, executive leaders can diagnose deep-rooted blockages and see practical solutions which may not have been previously considered. Discovery enables executives to re-imagine the operational system, finding new approaches to achieve their functional goals, such as improved adaptability, innovation, efficiency and engagement, by evolving messaging, systems, culture, purpose, mission and more,

As an outcome, Discovery generates direction and momentum for change. It creates buy-in around a new strategic narrative, as well as a high-level implementation plan for a fully integrated transformation.


  • 1-on-1 interviews with all the major players
  • Detailed review of existing strategic narratives (internal & external)
  • Facilitated “visioning sessions” involving executive leadership


  • Unpacking complex problems from multiple perspectives
  • Improving emotional intelligence and creative problem solving
  • Revealing new strategic narratives and directions

Take the first step towards transformation.