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“I’ve totally transformed my strategic narrative thanks to Jordan, Erwin and Rocket Science.”

~ Matt Landau, VRMB

What is Rocket Science?

In 2020, I teamed up with a colleague and mentor, Erwin Pearlman, to found Rocket Science: a new kind of business consultancy.

At Rocket Science, we think in terms of “ecosystems” that include, on one hand, the practical systems and structures that make up a business and, on the other hand, the emotional and relational dynamics that are often hidden beneath the surface.

In the old world of business, these dynamics were often segregated into hard and soft, “operations” and “culture”. In today’s world of innovation, agility, purpose and belonging, this separation dissolves.

Rocket Science helps clients understand the complex interplay between these dynamics, empowering leaders to find and address where the Ecosystem is out of alignment.

This graphic exemplifies our thinking. Like everything we do, it’s a work in progress.

Here’s a brief explanation. The darker blue circles are the various “narratives” you have in your business. Your business model? That’s the Operational Plan at the top. Your website and Instagram strategy? An external narrative over on the left. Your values? That’s an internal narrative over on the right. And which skills you should build—and why—are down at the bottom.

Those “narratives” relate to the lighter blue circles, which are each a bit more dynamic. How quickly and easily can you innovate your product? How efficient are your operational systems? How stressed or fulfilled are you? Is your business agile? How prepared are you for change?

Collectively, all these dynamics form the “ecosystem” that makes up your business: the interplay between the functional and relational factors.

Clear as mud? I know: this really is Rocket Science.

How Rocket Science Works with Entrepreneurs & Thought Leaders

A consulting engagement is an opportunity to look at the entire ecosystem and address where it is out of alignment. Our process starts with an initial Discovery. Discovery helps you peel back the layers to reveal some of the emotional and relational dynamics that may be hiding behind your very practical business problems. For individuals, Discovery may feel like a series of coaching or therapy session as we help you connect the dots between inner and outer. It is a dynamic and highly creative process.

As the pieces of the puzzle are revealed, we next turn our attention to enabling the old structures to fall apart. This challenging but important process is essential for real change. Through interactive “sessions”, we will help you address and overcome fears of change, preparing you to move into more creative problem solving.

Next we use visionary planning processes that help you imagine a new configuration for the ecosystem. As the new vision becomes clear, we provide you with integrative tools that enable you to work and think in a new way. The final stage of our engagements is about execution. We guide you to refocus your work around new goals, narratives and business systems—enabling you to sustain the functional shift.

Typically this intensive process takes 3-4 months.

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