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Let’s be real. The number one reason why business transformations fail is because change leaders overlook or minimize the emotions involved.

It’s not hard to understand why. In the past, MBA programs taught “hard” operational skills. They didn’t teach future CEOs how to be therapists. But today’s complex problems blur the line between operational strategy, people management and emotional intelligence. In this dynamic environment, creative leadership takes on new meaning and significance.

Solving these problems requires leaders to move deeper into themselves, so new techniques can come into play and new approaches can arise. That’s as true for us as individuals as it is for entire organizations.

The essential first step is to develop what I call integrated intelligence—the productive synergy between IQ and EQ. This integrated intelligence can ripple through the organization, achieving improved problem solving, greater fulfillment and more eager responses to change.

This is the essence of my consulting work.

In my work, I have seen:

  • White male CEOs express vulnerability—and be celebrated for it by their teams
  • Executive leadership teams radically improve their appreciation for one another
  • Product teams make substantial pivots that lead to billions (yes, billions) of dollars of growth
  • Sales teams find new energy, enthusiasm and results

Visionary change is possible, if you’re willing to do the work. I can help lead you there.

How a Business Transformation Consulting Engagement is structured

Every consulting engagement starts with Discovery.

Discovery is an evaluation of the existing goals, abilities and underlying emotional/relational narratives. During Discovery, I assess the organization’s ecosystem in detail to understand what you want to achieve and the practical and emotional obstacles that may be present.

Discovery will begin with:

  • Connecting 1-on-1 with executive leadership and a cross-section of the organization
  • Evaluating current internal and external strategic narratives
  • Reviewing existing internal and external collateral: brand messaging, sales decks, culture messaging, etc.

Discovery reveals the hidden emotional dynamics, providing scope and direction on what to do next. I deliver two high-level action plans for addressing these challenges at differing levels of resource involvement.

Once you make your choice, I provide a high-level action plan for next steps. This can be implemented with or without my involvement.

What happens after Discovery

Every business transformation consulting engagement unfolds a little differently. Most pass through these mileposts:

  1. Working with senior leaders to integrate the lessons from Discovery through communication planning and facilitated meetings
  2. Engaging a selection of the rest of the team to provide feedback and ideas, often through facilitated think tanks
  3. Facilitating an all-hands transformation experience to allow the team to integrate the change both functionally and emotionally.
  4. Guiding the development of new goals, systems and messaging approaches in line with the new strategy.
  5. Targeted coaching, workshops and training as appropriate
  6. Bring us back whenever you want to facilitate the next stage of your evolution.
Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower

“Jordan knows his stuff inside and out, and he communicates it wonderfully.”

Selected Past Clients

Questions about Business Transformation Consulting

  • Renowned consulting organizations like McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte, etc. do a great job of hiring brilliant people who often do exceptional analysis. In this way, they mirror the clients they serve by being rational, logical and basing their opinions on the past.

    But visionary thinking can’t begin from the past. New ideas need to arise outside the existing beliefs structures. This inner journey of discovery and transformation is my expertise.

    One day, I hope there will be many inner transformation experts like me working at McKinsey. The world will be better for it. But we’re not there yet…

  • Whatever outcomes you can imagine. My role is to improve your imagination and creativity toolkit, so you can rise to a new octave of creative leadership. From this grander viewpoint, new alternatives and strategies can become clear.

    I help leaders make an inner shift in how they view the world—and ripple this change through their operations.

  • Explain it like this: You can’t run new software on old hardware.

  • I start every engagement with a Discovery. Discovery is a 4-6 week process that will help you understand hidden problems in a new way—and uncover a solution for overcoming them.

    After Discovery, I will be able to give you a much clearer assessment of what I think a transformation agenda can accomplish.

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