Telling Stories From the Future: Team Workshop

Use Rocket Science Thinking to find new language, positioning, and creative intelligence and significantly improve how stakeholders respond to change. 


What is Rocket Science Thinking

Every organization has an “organizational ecosystem”—the dynamic interplay between the practical and emotional elements of an operational system. How effectively an organization can respond to sudden changes in the market, innovate its products and systems, generate engagement and belonging, and step beyond its limitations depends on its ability to integrate these complementary dynamics.

Rocket Science Thinking gives leaders a set of concrete tools, practices, and leadership strategies to work practically with the integration of these dynamics—enabling them to overcome hidden obstacles and unlock what’s been missing in leading their team to new heights.

About Telling Stories from the Future

Leaders selling transformative change must step beyond linear arguments based on the past. In the new world of ambiguity and continuous evolution, change leaders must integrate emotional dynamics like trust, empathy, and vulnerability into concrete change management programs, so they can achieve greater buy-in and find creative intelligence to solve complex problems. 

How effectively an organization can respond to sudden changes in the market, generate engagement and belonging, and step beyond the systems, goals, and mindsets of the past depends upon its ability to integrate these complementary dynamics.

In this unique and interactive workshop, we show participants exactly how this is accomplished. 

Introducing this workshop

Telling Stories from the Future is a strategic workshop designed for teams who are responsible for getting others to change. (e.g. Executive Teams, Innovation Teams, Product, Sales, Brand, Culture, etc.)

The workshop takes a uniquely effective approach to Learning & Development that creates a deeper experience of the transformational content. Through interactive exercises and expertly facilitated discussion, participants learn to integrate their practical and emotional intelligence—and use this new integrated intelligence to unlock creative approaches and new language for asking others to change. 

Participants practice this integrated approach by working to improve their real change narratives, allowing them to generate their own takeaways that can be implemented immediately.

As an outcome, participants learn what is required to fully integrate transformation both functionally and emotionally—and use this new perspective to generate new solutions and team alignment around executing their next steps. 

Our expert facilitation is the secret sauce

All our workshops are facilitated by Jordan Bower, a multilateral creative thinker, consultant, and acclaimed business storyteller. Jordan has a unique expertise that integrates communications strategy and leadership development with systems thinking and rich emotional intelligence. He’s worked with dozens of corporate clients, including unicorn tech start-ups, 10,000+ employee health care companies, and international design firms. 

Jordan’s ability to integrate practical and emotional dynamics embodies creative intelligence in action. He’s based in Vancouver, Canada.

Let’s discuss a workshop for your team.