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Strategic Narrative

Strategic Narrative Consulting

Work with storytelling expert Jordan Bower to find the right strategic narrative that generates buy-in, alignment and belief.

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Design a dynamic strategic narrative that is compelling, authentic and unique to you.

Why is Strategic Narrative important?

For many years, executive leaders have held strong to the idea of mission, vision and values statements. These are often considered the “North Star” of the company—or, in recent times, the overall organization purpose. Strategic Narrative is a relatively new buzzword that adapts this idea to the quickly evolving modern landscape.

Instead of defining a North Star, you need a strategic narrative that is designed to evolve as your organization does.

A strategic narrative goes beyond a collection of facts or marketing messages. It’s not an initiative that’s led by PR or corporate comms. Instead, strategic narrative gets to the heart of where you’re going, why—and what obstacles you need to overcome in order to realize your vision.

Importantly, strategic narrative is about much more than words. Instead, your strategic story has everything to do with insight and tone. It’s not how you tell your story, but how you live it.

A well-crafted strategic narrative serves as a powerful tool for organizations to differentiate themselves, create a sense of purpose, and foster engagement both internally and externally. It goes beyond marketing and is deeply integrated into the fabric of the organization, influencing decision-making and guiding actions at every level.

Strategic Narrative

The dirty little secret of Strategic Narrative:

Missions, Visions and even Company Purposes always suffered from a fatal flaw: more often than not, they were too general and abstract to accurately differentiate one company from another. (Just ask yourself: how many businesses list “people-centric” and “integrity” among their values? The short answer: a lot of them.)

Defining a Strategic Narrative is not yet another exercise in corporate navel gazing. The dirty little secret of Strategic Narrative is: your company already has one, whether they like it or not.

Beyond an overall mission and purpose, a genuine Strategic Narrative

  • Expresses the core values that guide decision-making.
  • Highlights what makes the organization unique and distinctive in the market.
  • Aligning the narrative with the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Tailors the narrative to resonate with the intended audience, whether it’s customers, employees, investors, or the wider community.
  • Expresses the desires and capabilities of the organization’s leadership

Do your people believe you? Do your people not believe in you? In both case, you’re putting your finger on a strategic narrative.

The trouble is that many executive leaders are blind to their real strategic story. They are so close to what they do that they often struggle to diagnose the real story of what’s going on in their organization. By seeing this real story, they gain the power to receive feedback and adapt it. They empower themselves and their whole companies to live a different and more compelling story. They give themselves direction and motivation to transform.

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Strategic Narrative

Strategic Narrative Consultant: How We Help Companies Transform their Strategic Narratives

Expert storyteller Jordan Bower is the co-founder of Rocket Science, a unique strategic innovation advisor for executive leaders. At Rocket Science, our work finds, builds and accelerates transformational strategic narratives.

The impacts of our work affect all aspects of a company, from how it markets and sells to how it hires and develops leaders to how it raises capital and positions its products. We help our clients put a finger on this strategic narrative precisely.

Our strategic narrative works includes:

  1. An in-depth Discovery. Through 1-on-1 interviews across the operational system, we peel back the layers to understand your current strategic story—and what hidden obstacles are in your way. Discovery helps you identify the precise dynamics that need to shift, giving you context and framing from the new story.
  2. Shifting your leadership vision. We guide you through a personal transformation, so you can embody the organizational change yourself first. By empowering yourself to tell the new story with charisma and authenticity, you will improve how you inspire others to follow.
  3. Evolving operational systems. As the new strategic narrative becomes clear, you’ll need to redefined systems and solutions to realign around the new narrative. We’ll start with you and your leadership team, gradually bringing more members of your team into the transformation process.
  4. Integrating the change and accelerating. The final step of our consulting process is acceleration. Once the pieces are in place, we facilitate unique transformational experiences that help the wider team understand the new narrative and overcome change resistance.

What Makes our Strategic Narrative Work Unique:

  • Connect with your imagination and creativity. We approach organizational change as a personal leadership journey, helping you become more visionary and dynamic.
  • Uncover blockages in current leadership thinking. We excel at bringing hidden issues to the surface, empowering you to address and solve them.
  • Get world-class guidance from industry experts. At Rocket Science, we have been providing advice to the world’s most creative thinkers for more than 40 years.
  • Find solutions to burnout, overwhelm and isolation. Our clients unlock their enthusiasm for re-inventing and re-imagining a more vibrant future. 

About Your Strategic Narrative Consultants

Jordan Bower is a renowned expert in business storytelling who has worked with some of the world’s biggest companies. Erwin Pearlman is a remarkable personal and business consultant who has led transformation for 40 years. Together, we have crafted a dynamic vision for integrating greater creative intelligence and personal fulfillment into the business world. 

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