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Jordan approaches his speaking engagements and storytelling keynotes with the same philosophy that guides his work as a facilitator, coach and storytelling consultant:

Every change in our systems must begin with a change in our stories.

His storytelling keynotes are dynamic, insightful and authentic.

Choose from a range of topics that are always tailored to your audience:

Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower

The New World of Business Storytelling

In business, “storytelling” no longer means sales and marketing, or even mission, vision or purpose. Today, storytelling is a “transformational” journey that applies to employees and stakeholders, as well as customers and brands.

A highly regarded business storytelling expert, Jordan captivates audiences with compelling examples and a dynamic new vision about the future of leadership communications—along with tangible concepts that your audience can implement immediately.

Change How You Change: A New Vision for Strategic Planning

Today’s executive leaders must face an uncomfortable truth: the old approach to strategic planning is dead. How can we think 2, 5 or even 10 years in the future when none of us know what will happen tomorrow?

There is a practical answer to this question—but it’s not what executive leaders usually think. In this insightful talk, Jordan lays out two compelling ideas from the future of organizational leadership: Backcasting and Emergent Change. He’ll outline what these processes are—and why they are essential for what’s coming.

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