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Find a new way to approach your business storytelling.

Jordan Bower is a business storytelling expert. He delivers insightful and engaging storytelling keynote speaking.

Meet Jordan Bower:
Storytelling Keynote Speaker

Jordan Bower is a renowned expert in transformational business storytelling. Over the last ten years, he has delivered keynote speeches and storytelling workshops to leaders at some of the world’s biggest companies.

As a coach, change consultant and facilitator, Jordan brings a unique and highly interactive approach to his keynote speeches about business storytelling. He is based on the West Coast of Canada.

  • Business Storytelling: what it is, how it works and why it is essential today.
  • Transformational Change: how leaders and their teams can envision a brighter future and communicate successfully through transformation.
  • Innovation and Creativity: how to become more adaptable and human at work—to drive greater impact for your team.
Speaking & Keynotes

How I approach my keynote speeches about business storytelling:

I have an approach to business storytelling that is very unconventional compared to many of my peers. Most people in business take the idea of “storytelling” very literally. They tend to think that storytelling means delivering a speech or a presentation or sales pitch or demo, and focusing in on the words that are being said. These people tend to focus on the structure of a business story, taking a paint-by-numbers approach to try to improve on their messages.

There is certainly some validity in this approach, and it can lead to improvement—in certain cases. But this approach to business storytelling often comes off as cold and formulaic. It becomes a “story”, but not one that anyone really wants to listen to.

There is another approach to business storytelling that works way better. It focuses much more on charisma, engagement and creativity by taking a “show, don’t tell” approach to designing a message.

My keynote speeches about business storytelling uncover and exemplify this second approach. They are dynamic, highly engaging and very tangible—albeit in a way that is much different than what many audiences were expecting at the beginning.

  • Every keynote speech is customized to the specific group.
  • Every speech unfolds like a story, where the audience is the main character.
  • Every speech includes a conversational back-and-forth with the audience.
  • Every speech gives the audience tailored takeaways.
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How I customize my keynote speeches about business storytelling:

I do not have a rote, memorized keynote speech that I deliver over and over again. Instead, my speaking style is very creative.

Before a keynote, I conduct research to better understand my audience. That often includes 1-on-1 interviews with a few select members of the audience. By doing so, I can tailor what I say directly to the participants—which exemplifies what great business storytelling is about.

During a keynote speech about storytelling, I use very limited slides—and sometimes no slides at all. Instead, I focus on telling stories—and, more specifically, creating an environment that “feels” like a story—which exemplifies the authenticity and vulnerability that great business storytelling is about.

By nature, this environment is very dynamic. I often draw on audience interaction and questions to tailor what I am saying in real time. This “facilitated” approach interrupts the traditional cold dynamics between performing speaker and attentive audience—instead, it “warms” up the room by bringing everyone into the conversation, even those who aren’t speaking or asking questions. It makes my speeches more alive and real. As a professional facilitator, I am very skilled at bridging my “read” of my room with my deep and extensive knowledge as a subject matter expert on business storytelling.

Ultimately, my thesis is that tomorrow’s leaders need to learn how to communicate in the way that I have just described. The goal of my keynote speeches is to exemplify what this new approach looks like—engaging them in the story by showing, not telling.

My keynote speeches are very disruptive—they help groups open their minds to much different ways of thinking, leading and communicating.

  • Executive Leaders,
  • Sales Teams and Sales Kickoffs
  • Marketing
  • Transformational Leaders, Product Teams, HR Teams and More.
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