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Inspire your audience with an engaged, interactive speaker who navigates seamlessly between professional and emotional dynamics. Jordan Bower is an expert business storyteller who can balance big picture thinking with concrete, digestible takeaways.

Keynote Speeches

Jordan’s approach to keynote speeches and other conference sessions embodies the message he wants to communicate. Like every great storyteller knows, the showing is telling. More than a rehearsed talk, Jordan uses his expert facilitation skill to engage the audience in the subject matter. He balances concrete points, takeaways and insights with a deep emotionality that helps the audience to dig deeper.

His talks are always focused on themes of collaboration, communication creative problem solving and the interplay between the emotional and practical in today’s leadership.

Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower

About Jordan Bower

Jordan Bower has been teaching business storytelling for 10 years to corporate clients all over the world. He has spoken at conferences including Culture First, Content Jam and The Future of Storytelling Festival, which also included speakers like Al Gore and Margaret Atwood. For the last 5 years, Jordan has been custom designing transformation programs for corporate clients like Dynacare, Autodesk and Pleo.

Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower

Past speaking events include

What Jordan Speaks About

Change How You Change: A New Paradigm for Leadership

In the new world, stability equals adaptability. Leadership today requires rethinking systems and redefining solutions ongoingly: from products to culture to strategy and beyond. The old change management frameworks weren’t designed for a world where everything is in flux. So what is?

In this highly engaging and interactive talk, Jordan Bower—a consultant, facilitator and master business storyteller—will introduce you to 3 innovative frameworks for the new world:

1) Backcasting: reverse engineering a desired future; 2) Emergence: a change process of continually aligning and realigning to the evolving world; and 3) the Operational Ecosystem: a more sophisticated and insightful view of the relationship between an organization’s functional systems and emotional dynamics.

Equipped with these tools—and with the confidence and authenticity they encourage—leaders will be empowered to evolve their approach to change management, preparing themselves and their teams for a future where every organization must become a continually evolving system for creating value.

Takeaways include frameworks and additional reading from McKinsey and Deloitte to help make the business case for key stakeholders.

Audience: Executive leaders, strategy leaders, HR, general audiences
Length: 60-90 mins keynote. Full day workshop

Strategic Business Storytelling

Business storytelling is among the most important abilities in a modern leadership toolkit. It’s also among the most sophisticated in that it blurs the lines between strategic thinking and emotional intelligence. Using storytelling to its potential goes beyond knowing how to tell the story; it also requires moving more deeply into oneself so that the foundations of communication can become more effective, engaging and authentic. 

Audience: Executive leaders, strategy leaders, sales, marketing, change leadership, general audiences
Length: 60 mins keynote to full day workshop

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Jordan Bower is an innovation, transformation and storytelling consultant.

For individuals, teams and organizations.