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Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City


Great sales storytellers can shift the narrative and motivate transformation.

At this stage in the game, you probably don’t need me to convince you of the power of storytelling in sales. Instead, why don’t I start by giving you a quick lay of the land?

Storytelling is an astonishingly diverse subject matter. It applies to every form of workplace communication. A customer journey can be a story. A sales pitch can be a story. A strategy is a story. So is the plan for an internal transformation. An email is a story. A Teams message is a story. So is a presentation, a QBR, a 360 review, a stand-up, a Zoom meeting…

Basically, every time we communicate from human to human, we’re telling a story. (I’m doing it right now.)

If that’s not confusing enough, then consider that “storytelling” includes everything from finding the right story to honing your messaging to being creative to engaging your audience’s emotions to leadership presence to empathy to authenticity, etc. etc.

There’s a lot to learn—and most business people don’t have 10,000 hours to master it! There needs to be another way.

Let me introduce myself. My name’s Jordan Bower, and I’ve been delivering sales storytelling workshops for nearly a decade. My clients have included an astonishing array of organizations. I’ve worked with executive teams at media start-ups like Crunchyroll, sales teams at companies like Autodesk, and innovation teams at companies like Mozilla. I’ve advised product teams, IT leaders, interior design consultants, HR teams, and police officers. I’ve even worked with a sitting Congressman.

I’ve been studying the art and science of sales storytelling for years. But most of my clients don’t want a Ph.D in literature. They want to empower transformation, motivate at scale, and stand out in the crowded information marketplace. They want to sell.

That makes my job a bit like a triage nurse: I diagnose, I help clients develop a vision of what’s achievable given available time and resources, and I design and deliver content that enables clients to achieve that vision.

I help you turn the impetus for sales storytelling into a clear vision, tangible goals, and an action plan that works for your group—radically improving the impact and results from your team’s communication.

Did I hook you already?



I’m an facilitator-storyteller-artist-coach who skillfully navigates across silos.

Let me tell you a little bit more about me, because I’m the guy you’d be hiring. I facilitate and customize all my sales storytelling workshops myself.

My unique skill is my ability to operate in the margins. I’m a leadership storytelling Swiss Army Knife: a coach, consultant, facilitator, speaker, and practicing storyteller myself. I love storytelling.

By drawing from this broad perspective, I can help my clients in a more impactful, creative way. Storytelling isn’t like learning physics; there aren’t a series of structured modules that build up to mastery. Instead, you need to think non-linearly and balance many different aspects of communication at once.

For many of my clients, becoming a storyteller is a major shift in how they think about communicating at work. They need to find the creative confidence to step outside the box as much as they need to learn about narrative arcs and the science of storytelling.

My work helps them do both. My superpower is my ability to balance the practical and the emotional—sharp thinking with deep feelings. I go beyond talking about sales storytelling. I show clients how to find the storyteller inside of themselves.

That’s me.

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I help you turn the impetus for storytelling into a clear vision and a tangible plan.

Every engagement starts with a robust Discovery. The goal of this initial Discovery is to develop a vision of what’s achievable given available time and resources. Based on the results of this Discovery, I custom design a capability development plan that helps my clients achieve this vision.

Rather than teaching “how” to be a storyteller, I help my clients contextualize what it would mean to be a better storyteller for them—and deliver the inspiration to start their journey of transformation.

A typical Discovery includes

  • Extensive 1-on-1 interviews across multiple levels of the team. This helps with my diagnosis and lays the foundation of trust that will lead to accelerated skill development. It also helps me understand the history, messaging, and relationship dynamics that are at play.
  • Extensive review of the strategic documents, as well as existing internal and external narratives. I want to understand your team, your goals, and your ecosystem as intimately as if I was leading it myself.
  • A high-level capability development plan. This plan outlines what I think is achievable given the group’s available time and resources. It also outlines a precide path to getting there—i.e. learning tools, articles, videos, subsequent trainings, peer coaching, etc. 
  • A Step One sales storytelling workshop. This workshop kicks off the capability development journey, providing context and inspiration, as well as tangible tools that can be implemented immediately.

For many clients, this initial workshop functions like dynamite in a cliff wall. I help them blast a hole and reveal a path that they didn’t see before. They receive vision, tools, inspiration, and connections with their colleagues. They learn to think about communication at work in a new, more effective way.

From there, some clients continue working with me on an as-needed basis. I’ve been working with some of my favorite clients for nearly a decade!

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