Sales Storytelling Workshop: Interactive Training for Teams

Level up your sales team’s storytelling skills—becoming more creative, authentic, and impactful.

“What a great session with so many insights and more food for thought than I could possibly digest. Thanks to Jordan Bower for having led us this far—and hopefully for leading us beyond…!”


What happens in a sales storytelling workshop

Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower

Learn an evolved system for impactful sales communication that’s backed by science and best practice.

Storytelling Workshop 3

Build next-level sales storytelling skills in creativity, empathy, trust building, and active listening.

Apply sales storytelling concepts to improve your team’s real narratives, achieving immediate impact.

“Jordan Bower knows his material inside out and communicates it wonderfully.”

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Why this sales storytelling workshop

  1. A practical integration of head & heart

    Your sales team will get a concrete foundation for understanding how to bring together head, heart, facts, and emotions.

  2. Every workshop is customized to your group.

    In a sales storytelling workshops, your team will improve your real narratives—like presentations, demos, etc.—to achieve immediate impact.

  3. Build creativity, trust, & openness to change

    This sales storytelling workshop helps your team generate the next-level skills that are required for the future of work.

Master business storyteller Jordan Bower delivers a storytelling workshop

Meet master sales storyteller Jordan Bower

How this sales storytelling workshop is delivered

As an in-person workshop.

This workshop is designed to be delivered in one or two days. Half-day options also available.

As a virtual or hybrid workshop, delivered async.

The virtual/hybrid version of this sales workshop combines interactive learning, offline practice, and conversation on Slack or Teams to create a highly impactful learning experience.

As an in-person keynote onsite, offsite or at an SKO.

Jordan delivers sales storytelling keynotes that are customized for every audience.

“Challenged my thinking.”

~ CEO of 12,500 person healthcare company

“Takeaways I still use three years later.”

~ CRO of Fortune 100 tech company

“Touched my team’s soul.”

~ Lead partner of international design firm

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