Rocket Science Thinking Strategy Offsite

Find new language, positioning, and creative intelligence to significantly improve how stakeholders respond to change. 

Key benefits of this visionary strategy workshop

  1. Learn exactly how to integrate practical and emotional intelligence.

    Integrating these complementary dynamics helps leaders overcome hidden obstacles and take their teams beyond where they've been.

  2. Use new integrated intelligence to solve real organizational challenges.

    Leaders can better understand root causes and find innovative solutions that may have been overlooked by using an integrated lens.

  3. Align on next steps to fully integrate the change both functionally and emotionally.

    Understand exactly what is required to fully integrate new systems, goals, and strategic narratives at all levels of the operations.

What is Rocket Science Thinking

Every organization has an “organizational ecosystem”—the dynamic interplay between the practical and emotional elements of an operational system. How effectively an organization can respond to sudden changes in the market, innovate its products and systems, generate engagement and belonging, and step beyond its limitations depends on its ability to integrate these complementary dynamics.

Rocket Science Thinking gives leaders a set of concrete tools, practices, and leadership strategies to work practically with the integration of these dynamics—enabling them to overcome hidden obstacles and unlock what’s been missing in leading their team to new heights.

About the Rocket Science Thinking workshop

Einstein famously taught that significant problems can’t be solved at the same level of thinking used to create them. As the old structures crumble, executive leaders need to access a new type of integrated (creative) intelligence, so they can solve complex problems, overcome hidden obstacles, and lead their teams toward ambiguous and unfamiliar objectives. 

We show our clients exactly how this is accomplished. 

In this workshop, executives will use Rocket Science Thinking to shift how they approach their real business challenges. By adopting this mindset shift—and the related tools and practices—executives will align around new, more effective solutions, while also building an essential foundation for fully integrating the change.

How a workshop is structured

Rocket Science Thinking workshops are bespoke, in-person sessions that are designed for teams of executives and/or senior leaders. They are scheduled for 1-3 days, depending on the group. 

What executives will learn

Solving complex problems requires integrating practical and emotional dynamics. By working with these elements in a practical way, an organization can substantially improve how it responds to sudden changes in the market, innovates its products and systems, generates engagement and belonging, and steps beyond its old limitations. 

An RST workshop shows executives exactly how to work with these complementary dynamics in a practical way—overcoming hidden obstacles and unlocking what’s been missing in leading their teams to new heights.

RST workshops are fully customized

In advance of every workshop, we conduct a robust Discovery process that reveals the current functioning of the “organizational ecosystem.” We customize our curriculum based on this research. 

During the session, executives learn to approach their real challenges in a new way through a combination of interactive exercises and facilitated conversation. 

The outcomes are a much different way of understanding what’s causing existing challenges—and a bespoke solution for overcoming this problem.

Let’s discuss a workshop for your team.