What I Do

I work with clients who are willing to step beyond “best practice” and other methodologies based on the past in order to boldly design the visionary future they want.

My clients arrive with complex challenges that require visionary thinking, emotional agility and authentic communication—not to mention the practical need to achieve results. My job is to help them see through the lens of “integrated intelligence”—the productive synergy of EQ and IQ—so they can find effective and practical solutions in places they may not have thought to look.

By learning how to work productively with these two complementary dynamics, my clients can unlock new levels of ingenuity, adaptability, and authenticity. They get better at solving complex problems, motivating others and overcoming resistance. (They can also find greater fulfillment, purpose and belonging for themselves.)

The results are always creative. Sometimes they are genuinely transformational.

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Are you an executive change agent willing to lead into a more visionary & creative future?

I can help you lead a transformation program that fully integrates visionary change across a team both functionally & emotionally.

As a meeting facilitator, I use my quick thinking and exceptional emotional intelligence to help my clients address and overcome complex challenges.

I offer a wide range of creative and engaging content that deals with topics like emotional intelligence, creativity, business storytelling, and the future of work.

Are you a functional team leader looking to improve how your group communicates?

Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower

I help teams substantially level up the impact of how they communicate.

I work with executive leadership, sales, marketing, product, customer success, innovation, change management, design, and more.

Work with me to custom design a transformational curriculum.

Are you an individual that wants to improve your leadership and business storytelling toolkit?

I help my individual clients improve how they influence others (authentically) by guiding them to integrate their thinking and feeling.

Together, we work on projects like presentations, TED talks, strategic narratives, positioning, and more

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