Strategic Meeting Facilitator Jordan Bower helps your team through essential conversations.

Jordan works with executive leaders, teams, and individual entrepreneurs.
He’s based in Vancouver, Canada.


Meet Jordan Bower
master meeting facilitator

  • Multilateral creative thinker, change facilitator, emotional expert, and acclaimed business storyteller
  • Highly regarded speaker, writer, and teacher
  • Provocative coach and personal guide who is unafraid of asking big questions—or giving honest answers
  • Skillful and playful group facilitator with an exceptional emotional IQ
  • Based in Vancouver, travels internationally

“What a great session with so many insights and more food for thought than I could possibly digest. Thanks to Jordan Bower for having led us this far—and hopefully for leading us beyond…!”

Jordan Bower Storytelling Consultant

Meeting Facilitator Jordan Bower

I facilitate virtual and in-person meetings for a wide variety of corporate, government, and non-profit clients. I work across the organization—everyone from execs and boards to individual teams.

I bring deep questions, powerful listening, and a robust toolkit that ensures that you can achieve the objectives you set. My deep understanding of emotional and relationship dynamics helps you get beneath the surface and address the underlying issues.

Some Meetings I Facilitate

Strategic Planning Offsites

As a strategic meeting facilitator, Jordan keeps executive leaders on track and on task. He helps his executive clients stay out of the weeds, while also leading them beneath the surface, so they can have the real, important, and impactful conversations that generate authentic vision and alignment.

Jordan is an essential asset in addressing and working through the complex emotional conversations that can keep an executive team stuck.

Board Meetings

When working with boards, Jordan cultivates a trusted and productive space for all participants to contribute practically and effectively. Jordan is exceptional at ensuring that all voices feel heard, while also generating an environment for effective and impactful debate.

Boards can generate greater vision and creativity with Jordan’s wise and playful guidance.

Conflicts and Negotiations

Jordan’s exceptional emotional intelligence makes him a valuable meeting facilitator when it comes to complex conflicts. He helps participants balance the practical dynamics of time-sensitive decision making with the more nuanced realm of emotional dynamics.

Jordan is unafraid and bold about guiding his clients into complex emotions in an exceedingly practical way, helping them arrive on solutions beyond their current imagination.

Executive Retreats

Jordan custom designs executive retreats that combine his skills as a meeting facilitator and as a designer of transformational workshops. In these environments, Jordan acts as guide and teacher, pushing his clients to develop next-level leadership skills while also reflecting on the internal and organizational changes that are required to make these changes stick.

Jordan’s workshops are creative, provocative spaces that help executives stretch beyond old solutions—generating greater levels of creativity and impact.

Sales Kickoffs

Jordan helps sales teams find new strategy, tactics, and language to generate alignment

Jordan helps sales teams generate new strategies, tactics, and alignment when it comes to making impact and integrating organizational change. He has the remarkable ability as a meeting facilitator to keep a group on track, while also guiding them through the messiness of creativity and emotional intelligence.

After hiring Jordan, sales leaders consistently say that he’s helped them achieve goals that they previously thought were impossible.

Mergers & Succession

Jordan is a meeting facilitator who can help executive clients have the challenging conversations that come with mergers and succession planning. He helps create a bridge between the practical and emotional, enabling clients to find new solutions and reach a consensus that might otherwise had seemed impossible.

As a meeting facilitator, Jordan brings good humor and an optimistic energy that things will work. He helps clients generate results.


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