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Executive Meeting Facilitator: Leadership Meetings & Retreats

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Jordan Bower is a skillful and attentive executive meeting facilitator who makes important meetings more effective.

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Introducing Jordan Bower:
Executive Meeting Facilitator

In today’s dynamic and quickly evolving marketplace, effective communication, collaboration and innovative thinking are the cornerstones of success. If you’re searching for an expert meeting facilitator to guide your team through significant strategic and tactical conversations, you’ve found the right guy.

Jordan Bower is not just a facilitator; he’s a catalyst for positive change within your team.

Effective meetings are more than just a gathering of minds; they are a strategic platform for aligning goals, promoting cohesive teamwork and fostering innovation about the future of your work. They can also be a rabbit hole of intricate group dynamics and emotional obstacles that can set a group off course, interfering with your ability to focus and get to “yes”. A skilled meeting facilitator plays a pivotal role in unlocking the full potential of your team.

Jordan Bower understands the complex interplay between strategic goals and intricate group dynamics. As a consultant, coach and business storyteller, he stands out for his diverse set of complementary skills that will help your team exceed your expectations.

  • Strategic Facilitation: Jordan takes a strategic approach to facilitation, conducting research and custom designing meeting formats to ensure that your team’s goals are not only met but exceeded. He forms a bridge between ideal goals and your team’s current state, empowering you to walk across it.
  • Enhanced Communication: Jordan is a professional storytelling consultant who has been delivering dynamic workshops and seminars on effective communication to some of the world’s biggest companies for more than ten years.
  • Active Listening: Jordan specializes in creating an environment that encourages open dialogue, active listening, and effective communication, while also bringing outside expertise that can enhance your skill, improving understanding and cooperation.
  • Innovation Catalyst: Jordan Bower acts as a catalyst for innovation within your team. Through carefully designed facilitation techniques, he stimulates creative thinking, encouraging your team to explore new ideas and approaches. He helps your group address and overcome cultural inertia, getting out of immobility and moving towards yes.
  • Proven Results: For more than ten years, Jordan has facilitated transformative experiences for teams across diverse industries. From startups to established enterprises to non-profits to government agencies, his positive and creative approach has consistently delivered measurable results.
  • Holistic Approach: In advance of important meetings, Jordan conducts 1-on-1 interviews with some or all participants, deepening his understanding of collective challenges and uncovering stuck points that need be discussed. He is an attentive listener with exceptional communication skills, who knows how to strike the right balance between bringing you together and pushing you to shift how you think.

Jordan facilitates in-person and virtual meetings for clients in the US, Canada and around the world. He often flies to facilitate events in-person from the West Coast of Canada. His clients span various industries and roles, from executives to boards to senior leaders within functional orgs.

Executive Meeting Facilitator: Leadership Meetings & Retreats

What kinds of meetings does Jordan facilitate?

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    Strategic Planning Offsites

    As a strategic meeting facilitator, Jordan keeps executive leaders on track and on task as they define the future of their organizations.

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    Board Meetings

    When working with boards, Jordan cultivates a trusted and productive space for all participants to contribute practically and effectively.

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    Executive Retreats

    Jordan custom designs executive retreats that develop next-level leadership skills and fully integrate new, visionary behaviors.

  4. Executive Meeting Facilitator: Leadership Meetings & Retreats

    Transformational Events

    Jordan helps teams move through transformational change, emerging with new motivation and capabilities.

  5. Executive Meeting Facilitator: Leadership Meetings & Retreats

    Succession Planning

    Jordan helps leaders through the challenging conversations that come with mergers and succession planning.

  6. Executive Meeting Facilitator: Leadership Meetings & Retreats

    Workshops & Trainings

    Jordan is a highly experienced workshop facilitator in topics relating to workplace communication and business storytelling.

Executive Meeting Facilitator: Leadership Meetings & Retreats

What is the meeting facilitation process?

Jordan Bower stands out not just for his facilitation skills, but also for his ability to find the right conversation topics and hone a focused agenda. He tailors his approach to each meeting and every client, often conducting detailed research in advance.

Jordan can be involved through all phases of the meeting design process—from agenda to overall strategic narrative design, and much more.

Typically, Jordan move through three phases in planing an effective meeting:

Jordan conducts a pre-meeting analysis to understand the meeting objectives, desired outcomes, and any specific challenges or issues to address. Often, this phase includes detailed review of current strategic documents, as well as 1-on-1 interviews with some or all meeting participants.

Based on this analysis, Jordan develops a comprehensive and well-structured agenda that aligns with the meeting objectives, often including interactive breakout exercises to make the attendee’s experience engaging and dynamic—while maintaining laser focus on leadership’s ultimate goals.

Jordan helps you plan and execute pre-meeting communications with participants before the event, ensuring that everyone has a shared understanding of goals, expectations and agendas.

In the meeting itself, Jordan’s facilitation style adapts to the goals and needs of the groups. He keeps time and keeps you out of the weeds; he helps you identify and address conflicts diplomatically; he facilitates decision-making processes by presenting relevant information, encouraging discussion, and guiding participants towards consensus. Sometimes, Jordan is called upon to present opinions or outside perspective—he does so judiciously with the consent of leadership.

Overall, Jordan’s facilitation style is dynamic and flexible—he adapts to unforeseen disruptions and adjusts his facilitation approach based on the evolving needs of the discussion, and the human dynamics of the executive team.

After the event, Jordan solicits feedback from participants to assess the effectiveness of the meeting and the facilitation process, and presents these insights along with further recommendations to leadership.

He often povides a post-meeting summary and documentation to participants, including key decisions, action items, and next steps—and sometimes offers ongoing support and follow-up to ensure the successful implementation of decisions and actions, facilitating the overall change process.

Jordan Bower storyteller and meeting facilitator

meeting facilitator Jordan Bower

Transformational Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower, meeting facilitator

Jordan Bower

Over the past ten years, Jordan Bower has become a deft and highly effective executive meeting facilitator. His clients have included companies from just about every industry, from technology to banking to resources to government and many more.

As a professional speaker, coach, facilitator and transformation consultant, Jordan brings all of himself into his work. His gift is a remarkable curiosity, openness and emotional intelligence. His work draws from a variety of influences, including formal business education, psychology, meditation and mind-body arts. He has a great sense of humor, a playful style and a remarkable expertise.

Transformational Storytelling Consultant and meeting facilitator Jordan Bower

Executive Meeting Facilitator: Leadership Meetings & Retreats

Frequently Asked Questions About Meeting Facilitation

1. What is meeting facilitation, and why is it important?

Meeting facilitation is the art of guiding groups through discussions, decision-making processes, and collaborative activities. As a skilled facilitator, I bring expertise in fostering open communication, managing conflicts, and ensuring productive outcomes. The importance lies in creating an environment that maximizes the collective intelligence of the group, leading to more effective and impactful results.

2. How can a meeting facilitator help improve team collaboration?

A meeting facilitator enhances team collaboration by employing techniques that promote active participation, open dialogue, and a positive team culture. Through structured facilitation, I create a space where diverse perspectives are valued, and collaboration becomes a natural outcome, fostering innovation and achieving common goals.

3. What types of meetings can benefit from facilitation?

Various meetings, from strategic planning sessions and brainstorming workshops to conflict resolution discussions, can benefit from facilitation. Any meeting where effective communication, decision-making, and team engagement are essential stands to gain significant value from my facilitation process.

4. How do you tailor your facilitation approach to different types of groups or teams?

My facilitation approach is adaptable, recognizing the unique characteristics and needs of each group. I customize strategies based on the team’s dynamics, goals, and the specific challenges they face. This ensures that the facilitation process is tailored to maximize its impact on diverse teams.

5. What is your process for creating meeting agendas?

Creating meeting agendas involves collaboration with key stakeholders to understand objectives and challenges. I structure agendas to align with goals, ensuring logical sequencing of topics. This process aims to optimize participant engagement, manage time effectively, and achieve the desired outcomes.

6. How do you handle conflicts or disagreements during a meeting?

Conflict resolution is a key aspect of my facilitation. I encourage open communication and guide participants towards constructive solutions. By fostering a culture of respect and understanding, I address conflicts to create a positive and collaborative meeting environment.

7. What role do you play in decision-making during a facilitated meeting?

As a facilitator, I play various roles depending on the goals of the meeting and the human dynamics of the conversations. Often, these dynamics—and my role—evolve in real time. I consider my creativity and adaptability core aspects of my facilitation style that differentiate me.

8. How do you ensure that all participants are engaged during a meeting?

Engagement is crucial. I employ techniques such as interactive activities, group discussions, and dynamic facilitation styles to encourage active participation. Ensuring that every voice is heard and valued contributes to a more inclusive and impactful meeting experience.

9. What experience do you have with virtual or remote facilitation?

I have extensive experience in virtual and remote facilitation, leveraging online collaboration tools to create engaging and effective virtual meeting environments. Whether it’s leading virtual workshops or facilitating remote team discussions, I am proficient in maximizing the benefits of digital collaboration.

10. What post-meeting follow-up services do you provide?

Post-meeting, I provide comprehensive summaries, documentation of key decisions, and tracking of action items. This ensures that participants have a clear roadmap for implementation. Some clients choose to hire me for other services, including my storytelling workshops, strategic narrative consulting or transformation consulting.

11. What is your approach to confidentiality during facilitated sessions?

Confidentiality is a top priority. I maintain a strict commitment to protecting sensitive information shared during facilitated sessions. Participants can trust that discussions within the meeting space remain confidential, fostering a safe environment for open communication and collaboration. I often sign NDAs.

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