Expert Corporate Meeting Facilitator

Jordan Bower is a skillful and attentive professional facilitator who increases meeting effectiveness and guides teams to alignment.

Expert meeting facilitation creates clarity and motivates a group to action.

Jordan Bower is a remarkable professional facilitator who helps organizational teams move through important and challenging conversations.

As a facilitator, Jordan plays varying roles depending on the needs of the group:

  • custom designing meeting agendas
  • designing and facilitation interactive exercises
  • conducting advance research to understand various perspectives
  • ensuring all sides of an issue are considered and heard
  • guiding the group towards alignment and resolution.

Jordan serves clients across the United States and Canada, traveling from his home office in Vancouver, BC. He also provides virtual facilitation services.

“Jordan creates a safe space to navigate the complexity of workplace dynamics in real time.”

Meet Jordan Bower

Jordan Bower is a dynamic creative thinker, expert group facilitator and accomplished business storyteller.

Since 2013, Jordan has designed and developed business storytelling workshops for clients like Autodesk, Mozilla, Pearson Education and dozens more. He has delivered keynote speeches for audiences ranging from corporate executives, small-business leaders, entrepreneurs and government officials, and he has facilitated sessions for executive leadership teams in corporate, small business and government clients.

Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower
team works on a narrative at a business storytelling training

Why Hire Jordan as your Meeting Facilitator?

My expertise is in the interplay between strategic decision making and emotional-relational dynamics. As a facilitator, consultant and coach, I can seamlessly toggle between the practicalities of addressing business problem, while also guiding teams to understand, unpack and overcome the underlying human dynamics.

This approach makes me an excellent professional facilitator. I am highly competent in my ability to keep groups focused on outcomes and meeting goals, without getting lost int he weeds. At the same time, I ensure that essential conversations are addressed carefully and competently, in order to deliver the most efficient process and arrive upon the most desirable outcome.

In the past, I have worked with groups across a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Navigating unexpected change
  • Succession planning
  • Innovative thinking & strategic planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Addressing complex emotional issues within organizations

Understanding the Meeting Facilitation Process

Every facilitation engagement unfolds a little differently.

Generally, I begin with a needs assessment/Discovery. Often this includes speaking 1-on-1 with some or all of the meeting participants in order to understand various perspectives, as well as any potential misalignments. I often complete this initial stage with a summary document that is reviewed by all participants.

Based on this assessment, I work with leadership to define achievable outcomes and to recommend a meeting agenda for the facilitated session.

During the session itself, I draw from my deep toolbox of facilitation techniques and frameworks to ensure that the desired goals are achieved. In session, I am a focused and playful presence who relies on my high emotional IQ to bring all issues onto the table.

After a session, I often meet with leadership to conduct a retrospective and help envision potential next steps.

Past Meetings and Virtual Facilitation:

  1. Strategic Planning Offsites

    As a strategic meeting facilitator, Jordan keeps executive leaders on track and on task as they define the future of their organizations.

  2. Board Meetings

    When working with boards, Jordan cultivates a trusted and productive space for all participants to contribute practically and effectively.

  3. Executive Retreats

    Jordan custom designs executive retreats that develop next-level leadership skills and fully integrate new, visionary behaviors.

  4. Transformational Events

    Jordan helps teams move through transformational change, emerging with new motivation and capabilities.

  5. Succession Planning

    Jordan helps leaders through the challenging conversations that come with mergers and succession planning.

  6. Workshops & Trainings

    Jordan is a highly experienced workshop facilitator in topics relating to workplace communication and business storytelling.

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Jordan Bower is an innovation, transformation and storytelling consultant.

For individuals, teams and organizations.