Meet Jordan Bower

Keynote Speaker on Business Storytelling & the Future of Work

Jordan Bower is a visionary business storyteller who is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Jordan Bower is a compelling and articulate thought leader who talks about unlocking creativity, integrating emotional intelligence, and leading systems and cultural transformation. 

Jordan speaks and conducts workshops that are broadly applicable across the organization.

Everyone from executives to sales teams to innovation and product teams to individual contributors can benefit from Jordan’s compelling perspective about the future of work.

Jordan has delivered keynote speeches and presentations for audiences including

What makes Jordan’s work excellent

  1. Go beyond the buzzwords to work with complex ideas

    Jordan respects his audience's intelligence, helping them think with complexity rather than dumbing things down to simple "takeaways."

  2. Talk about emotions at work in a practical way

    Jordan shows analytical thinkers how to integrate emotional dynamics into a business setting, enabling them to find new, more effective solutions.

  3. Integrate new concepts both functionally and emotionally

    Jordan steps beyond "delivering content" to act as facilitator & group coach, helping audiences integrate new ideas and change behaviors.


Jordan Bower teaches how to integrate practical and emotional dynamics to unlock greater creativity, emotional agility, and impact in the future of work.

Jordan is a multilateral creative consultant, facilitator, coach, and acclaimed business storyteller, with deep experience in strategic communications, leadership development, and business transformation. He is the co-founder of Rocket Science—a unique creative consultancy—which advises executives in large-scale enterprises and start-ups, as well as a frequent speaker at conferences, events, and on podcasts.

Jordan has advised a broad range of organizational clients, including Mozilla, Autodesk, SAS, CIBC, Canadian Tire, and the Federal Reserve Bank. He has spoken at many events including Culture First (San Francisco), Content Jam (Chicago), and the Future of Storytelling Festival (NYC). 

Jordan is based in Vancouver, BC.

See Jordan’s Vibe

A keynote speech in October 2019

A podcast interview from January 2022

Customizable Keynotes and Workshop Topics

Rocket Science Thinking: How to unlock new integrated (creative) intelligence to solve complex problems in organizations—and life.

Audiences: Leadership, Executive Teams, general audiences.
Format: Keynote, workshop

Einstein famously taught that significant problems can’t be solved at the same level of thinking used to create them. As the old structures crumble and organizations face unfamiliar problems of immense complexity, leaders must find a new way of thinking that takes them beyond the limitations of the past.

In this unique and interactive session, master facilitator, consultant, and storyteller Jordan Bower shows leaders exactly how to apply the new strategic paradigm of  Rocket Science Thinking, so they can access new integrated (creative) intelligence and unlock what’s been missing in taking their teams to new heights.

Telling Stories from the Future: How to think like a business storyteller to create engagement and impact in a complex, continuously evolving world

Audiences: Executives, Innovation, Product, Sales, General
Format: Keynote, workshop

When innovation, ambiguity, and continuous change are the new normal, leaders need to modify how they think about communication so they can step beyond the stories of the past—and inspire their customers, stakeholders, and employees to go some place they’ve never been. By learning the concrete tools and frameworks of future-first storytelling, leaders can develop the habits and thought patterns that create meaning and belonging beyond the buzzwords. In this unique and creative session, master storyteller Jordan Bower shows leaders how this new approach to business communication functions and how it can be fully integrated into a team or organization.

Introduction to Business Storytelling: How to engage, influence, and impact in the future of work

Audiences:  Leadership, Brand, Product, Sales, Innovation, General
Format: Keynote, workshop

Leaders turn to business storytelling to achieve what facts can’t do alone. Business storytelling provides a practical and concrete framework for enlivening comprehension, influence, and impact, no matter whether leaders are speaking to customers, employees, or stakeholders. Everyone can dramatically improve the impact of their communication by using this creative and emotionally impactful lens. In this practical and insightful session, master storyteller Jordan Bower helps leaders understand what business storytelling means and exactly how to apply it practically to their work, giving them a new way to think about business communication—and the tools and practices to start immediately.

A New Map for White Male Leadership: How to unlock what’s been missing in driving cultural and organizational transformation 

Audiences:  Executives, Leadership, General)
Format: Keynote, workshop

Many white male leaders find themselves in a unique bind. On one hand, they hear and support the groundswell of social change demanding new voices at the table. On the other, they fear that, by simply stepping to the side, they will suffer irrevocable damage to their professional identities and mental health. Creative consultant, master storyteller, and hetero cis-white man Jordan Bower argues that there is a third way that integrates these divergent perspectives, accelerating the end of patriarchy while also offering an unprecedented way for white men to participate in cultural transformation. This inspiring and funny talk illuminates a new way forward for all of us, with uncommon hope, vulnerability and emotional depth. A transformational experience for everyone.

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