Strategic Narrative and Business Transformation Consultant

Make proactive improvements to your organization’s strategy, culture, and systems to improve how you skillfully you can respond to continuous change.


What is a “strategic narrative and business transformation consultant”? What do you do?

At the highest level, I help strategic leaders create alignment across all aspects of their organization—strategy, culture, and systems. Lots of transformation consultants promise to do that—how I do it is what makes me different.

I am an expert at working with the emotional dynamics inside individuals and teams. In most organizations, undefined and misunderstood emotional dynamics represent the biggest roadblock to change. As a trusted guide for my clients, my work shows them how to understand and work with these hidden emotional dynamics in a highly practical way.

I help clients integrate these emotional dynamics into the practical issues that go with running a business. This integration becomes a client superpower that enables them to stretch past old obstacles.

We are a serious business. Why are “emotions” relevant to our work?

Emotions are relevant to business because recent global events have shown us how important culture, agility, and innovation are to the future of all of our work. When we talk about belonging, inclusion, resilience, creativity, and engagement, we are describing concepts that integrate practical and emotional dynamics. If an organization only look at the practical, more “serious” aspects, they’ll miss half of the story.

Further, we know that the future will require continuous evolution of our organizations so we can adapt to new technologies, new opportunities, and new crises. The old paradigm of “change management” needs to evolve into a more dynamic embrace of change. This will require a level of emotional agility at all levels. Underlying or hidden fears of change can distort transformation initiatives, impair creative thinking, and perpetuate the same old problems appearing again and again.

Learning how to work with emotions doesn’t just change how people feel—it also changes how they think and what they can do. By integrating the practical with the emotional, I give my clients a different perspective that is often outside their current system of thinking. This new perspective helps them see new, more effective solutions to problems that they would have otherwise overlooked.


Tell me about a typical transformation consulting engagement.

Every engagement starts with a Discovery process. A Discovery is a 4-6 week engagement that gets beneath the surface of your organization. My unique ability to integrate the practical and the emotional will help you establish what really needs to change—and how to do it right.

  • I conduct 1-on-1 interviews with execs, leaders, and team members, enabling a holistic diagnosis with minimal disruption to daily work.
  • I extensively review communications systems, including go-to-market strategies, team dynamics, and internal narratives around vision, values, and culture.
  • I pay particular attention to the relationship dynamics within and across teams, so we can reveal the underlying emotional ecosystem—helping you understand exactly what’s not working and why.
  • Discovery delivers a new perspective that will reframe and deepen your understanding of what’s really happening—and a customized transformation program that shows you exactly how to solve the problem.

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