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“Creativity needs to be at the heart of any approach to business transformation. You can no longer design a digital transformation or reorganization agenda and sincerely expect the world will stand still until the plan is fully executed. Dynamism needs to be fully integrated into the entire process from planning to implementation. I’m not just talking about finding creative solutions; I’m talking about evolving how leaders think about problem solving and leadership so the entire organization can prepare for ongoing change. Creating responsive organizations designed to evolve: that’s what I do as a business transformation consultant.

Jordan Bower,
Creativity & Business Transformation Consultant

Work with Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower

Introducing Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower

An Expert in Creative Thinking

  • Helps clients step beyond limiting ideas and structures
  • Helps clients work practically with the interplay between emotional and operational dynamics

A Highly Skilled Meeting Facilitator

  • Guides leadership teams through important and transformational conversations
  • Helps generate new vision, alignment and tactical implementation plans
Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower

Thought Leader on the Future of Work

  • Bringing new leadership ideas to the forefront
  • Talks about leadership storytelling, creative evolution and the interplay between practical and emotional dynamics
  • Helping redefine how a business transformation consultant thinks

“Jordan knows his stuff inside and out, and he communicates it wonderfully.”

Who Jordan has worked with:

Business Transformation Consultant: At a Glance

  • Jordan’s business transformation consultant work consistently generates solutions that go beyond what clients had imagined. That’s why we always begin with an exploratory Discovery process.
  • Discovery examines operational systems, goals, narratives, and relationship dynamics.
  • Discovery results in a much different perspective about what’s not working—and a customized solution for fixing it.
team works on a narrative at a business storytelling training
  • Jordan helps clients work with both practical and emotional dynamics simultaneously. By looking at the interplay between business objectives and culture, clients can find novel solutions and overcome hidden blockages.
  • In addition to helping solve a complex problem, Jordan also helps leadership teams be more creative, stepping beyond the “same old solutions”.
  • Jordan’s business transformation work does more than help get from A to B. It helps design an organization that operates with creativity.
  • Many business transformation projects fail because the visionary agenda can not be translated into an emotional reality.
  • Jordan’s business transformation work is focused on full integration that goes beyond strategic plans.
  • His approach is creative intelligence in action—combining structure and theory with a dynamic approach to business transformation design.
  • He leads compelling creative workshops that help teams put a new vision into action.

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