Coaching Agreement


I am delighted to have you as a client and look forward to working with you. This is an overview of some of my policies, procedures and practices. Please read it through carefully, so that you can be responsible for getting the most out of your coaching.

How Coaching Engagements are Structured

My initial engagements with clients often include 6 sixty-minute sessions. I ask new clients to commit this length of time so that they can become comfortable with the nature of a coaching process. Some sessions will deliver new learning or significant breakthroughs. Other sessions are comparatively more subtle. I have found that 6 sessions is a good length of time to introduce you to the flow of coaching and for you to integrate the insights into behavior change/meaningful results.

At the end of your initial engagement, I will ask whether you are interested in continuing to work together. Subsequent engagements are tailored to the client. Often, they fall into one of two categories:

  • A monthly retainer that includes a recurring monthly fee and a set number of sessions
  • An as-needed engagement that includes a focused period of working together around a particular project

It has been my privilege to build a community of clients who work with me over months and years. I hope our engagement unfolds similarly.

About our Sessions


Coaching sessions are scheduled for sixty minutes. They normally take place via Zoom. I can use Teams, Google Hangout, Skype or phone if you require.

Sessions can be scheduled using my calendar tool, or by contacting me via email. Some sessions may be longer at our shared discretion.


My approach is intentionally creative. Every session with every client unfolds in a different way. As your coach, I consider it my responsibility in each session to assess your goals and help you achieve them by using a variety of philosophies and approaches. Our sessions may include structured learning/training, creative ideation and/or personal conversations. My specific tactics and approaches will be modified based on your feedback and results.

In short, if anything is not working for you, feel free to bring it up with me during or after a session.

Importantly, though our session may occasionally discuss emotional or personal topics, I am not a trained counsellor or psychotherapist. I may refer you to a trained health care or mental health professional if required.


Advanced notice of 24 hours is required to re-schedule a call. A session not canceled within this time frame may not be re-scheduled.

Any session where notification is provided in ample time will be re-scheduled at no charge.


Your sessions are kept in the strictest professional confidentiality. However, it is important that you know that the law does not protect the confidential communication between coach and client, as coaches are neither health care professionals nor legal professionals.

I will only have to suspend this confidentiality agreement in the following cases:

  • You report imminent suicidal or homicidal ideation.
  • You report abuse or neglect of a child, dependent or older adult.
  • I am ordered by a court of law to do so.

In summary, my objective is to uphold the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality.


Payment is required in advance of coaching services rendered.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Wire Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Interac Money Transfer (Canada only)
  • Credit Card (4% processing fee)
  • Check


You are welcome to cancel your overall agreement at any time. Should you choose to cancel, I will refund the unused proportion of your payment, less a $100 processing fee.

Shared Materials

Over the course of your coaching agreement your coach may share information, materials, forms, handouts, etc. with you in service of your goals. Unless specifically noted, please treat these as intellectual property to be used for your personal use and not shared, reproduced or sold. 

Marketing and Referrals

My coaching practice depends on personal referrals and testimonials for ongoing success. I may ask you for marketing support at some point during our work together. There is no obligation for you to do so if you do not desire.