Business Transformation Consultant
Business Transformation Consultant

Rocket Science: Business Transformation Consultant

Jordan is the co-founder of Rocket Science: a unique business transformation consultant for CEOs, entrepreneurs and transformational organizational leaders.

Business Transformation Consultant

Find new business stability
by embracing ongoing change.

Revolutionary technologies are entering the marketplace and social changes have shifted the foundations of how we live and work. In today’s quickly evolving marketplace, your stability in business now equals your ability to continuously evolve. Transformation is essential. even for companies doing well—in how you work and also how you lead and think. As business transformation consultants, we help you and your organization move through this essential paradigm shift.

Conventional business transformation consultants still think about transformation in terms of systematic upgrades, including improvements in technology and the turn towards improved ESG. Though terms like innovation, engagement and belonging have become so commonplace as to be buzzwords, many transformation initiatives still consistently fall short of their objectives. Famously, McKinsey and others remind us that 75% of transformation projects fail to deliver long-term, fundamental change.

We see the problem like this: many leaders want change without having to do the changing themselves. These leaders can significantly improve their ability to inspire their people through change—and their own ability to be innovative and visionary—by moving through their own transformation first. Having transformed, they can look down from the mountain top and deftly map out the path for others to follow.

In essence, this is what we do at Rocket Science. We help:

  • Evolve your own unique vision of your organization’s future.
  • Adapt goals, narratives and strategy to match this new vision.
  • Align your leadership team and facilitate difficult change conversations.
  • Address and overcome cultural inertia.
  • Innovate products, services, messaging and organizational structures.
  • Step beyond current solutions and stretch towards where you have never been.

What Sets Our Business Transformation Consultants Apart

  • Connect with your imagination and creativity. We approach organizational change as a personal leadership journey, helping you become more visionary and dynamic.
  • Uncover blockages in current leadership thinking. We excel at bringing hidden issues to the surface, empowering you to address and solve them.
  • Get world-class guidance from industry experts. At Rocket Science, we have been providing advice to the world’s most creative thinkers for more than 40 years.
  • Find solutions to burnout, overwhelm and isolation. Our clients unlock their enthusiasm for re-inventing and re-imagining a more vibrant future. 

Our Business Transformation Consulting Approach

The overall Rocket Science process includes:

  1. An in-depth Discovery. Through 1-on-1 interviews and detailed review of the operational system, we identify the functional and emotional dynamics need to shift.
  2. Shifting your leadership vision. We guide you through a personal transformation, so you can embody the organizational change yourself first.
  3. Evolving operational systems. We help you create new systems and solutions, gradually bringing more members of your team into the transformation process.
  4. Integrating the change and accelerating. We facilitate unique transformational experiences that help the wider team adapt behaviors and overcome change resistance.

About our Senior Business Transformation Consultants

Jordan Bower is a renowned expert in business storytelling who has worked with some of the world’s biggest companies. Erwin Pearlman is a remarkable personal and business consultant who has led transformation for 40 years. Together, we have crafted a dynamic vision for integrating greater creative intelligence and personal fulfillment into the business world. 

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