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Introduction to Business Storytelling Workshop

Learn and practice new communications skills to improve engagement, influence and impact. This workshop is fully customized for functional teams: sales, brand, product, finance, culture, etc.

What makes these business storytelling workshops excellent

  1. Every workshop is customized to the group

    Participants work on real "stories" from their work, allowing them to apply skills immediately.

  2. Build a strong foundation in business storytelling

    Participants learn concrete tools that can be used in presentations, writing, storytelling with data, social media…

  3. Integrate change both functionally and emotionally

    Participants don't just learn new skills—they learn exactly how to think and work in a more impactful way.

Meet master business storyteller Jordan Bower

I help others transform into storytellers,
having done it myself.

The year I turned 30, I spent a year walking alone down the West Coast of the US, from Canada to Mexico, learning to become a storyteller. More than a decade later, what I experienced while walking still resonates through my work.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share the practical lessons from my experience in my business storytelling workshops. Journey with me—no beard required!

What happens in a business storytelling workshop

Get new tools & mindsets for communicating with impact

Every team can dramatically improve their impact by using business storytelling, no matter whether they are speaking to customers, stakeholders, or entire cultures.

Master storyteller Jordan Bower introduces business storytelling to teams—what it is, why it works, and how to use it practically.

Storytelling Workshop 3

Practice building skills in creativity, empathy, and active listening.

Every workshop begins with unique and interactive exercises that help participants think differently about how they communicate.

These personal and trust-building exercises give teams a strong foundation for understanding business storytelling.

Apply these concepts to real functional stories and see the benefits immediately

In the second half of the workshop, teams shift to working with the real stories they tell their customers and stakeholders.

Applying our tools to their real stories ensures that everyone walks away with highly tangible takeaways that can shift strategy immediately.

“Jordan knows his material inside out and communicates it wonderfully.”


How this storytelling workshop is delivered

As an in-person workshop at an onsite or offsite.

There is a unique version of this workshop for different functional teams—e.g. executive teams, leadership teams, sales teams, brand teams, innovation teams, product teams, culture teams, etc.

As an in-person keynote onsite, offsite or at a conference.

Jordan’s business storytelling content can create impact at any length, from 60 mins to 2+ days.

As a virtual or hybrid workshop, delivered asynch.

The virtual/hybrid version of this workshop combines interactive learning, offline practice, and conversation on Slack or Teams to create a highly impactful learning experience.

Let’s tailor a workshop for your team.