Meet Business Storytelling Keynote Speaker Jordan Bower

Jordan is a compelling and articulate thought leader. He is a consultant, facilitator and coach who teaches a new approach to effective and authentic business communication.

Past clients and events include:

Meet Jordan Bower

Jordan is a remarkably vulnerable, creative and insightful business storyteller who finds the balance between practical and emotional elements.

Everyone has an Origin Story. Jordan Bower’s journey to becoming a Business Storyteller began in the fall of 2010, when he set out on a long walking trip down the West Coast of the United States—by himself. During his year of walking along the Pacific coast of Washington State, Oregon and California, Jordan got to step back and re-evaluate every aspect of how he knew himself. It was a true coming-of-age journey.

For Jordan, this walk has become the foundation of his professional work.

Since hanging up his hiking boots, Jordan has dedicated himself to teaching his professional clients the essence of his journey: the value, importance and process of becoming more effective and trusted communicators. He is an insightful coach, a skilled facilitator and a trusted advisor to some of the world’s most creative leaders.

As a keynote speaker, Jordan uses good humor, emotional intelligence and effective storytelling to inspire new ideas and greater learning in his audience.

Jordan has advised a broad range of organizational clients, including Pleo, Autodesk, SAS, CIBC, Canadian Tire, and the Federal Reserve Bank. He has spoken at many events including Culture First (San Francisco), Content Jam (Chicago), and the Future of Storytelling Festival (NYC). 

Jordan is based in Vancouver, BC.

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A keynote speech in October 2019

A podcast interview from January 2022

What Jordan Talks About

Rocket Science: An Evolution in Storytelling for Brand, Culture & Purpose

Audience: Executive leaders, department leaders, strategy leaders
Length: 60 mins keynote to full day workshop

Business storytelling is among the most important abilities in a modern leadership toolkit. It’s also among the most sophisticated in that it blurs the lines between strategic thinking and emotional intelligence. Using storytelling to its potential goes beyond knowing how to tell the story; it also requires moving more deeply into oneself so that the foundations of communication can become more effective, engaging and authentic. 

This integrated approach takes an informational message and gives it life. We call it ROCKET SCIENCE.

In this keynote, audiences will:

  • Understand what is changing in corporate communication, why and what to do about it;
  • Broaden their understanding of storytelling—from a two-dimensional “story” to a three-dimensional “ecosystem” that integrates practical and emotional dynamics;
  • Takeaway a new understanding of what implementing this structure requires.

Think Like a Storyteller: Applied Business Storytelling for Teams

Audience: Executive leaders, strategy leaders, functional teams
Length: 60 mins keynote to full day workshop

There is a place for learning about characters, themes and the beginning, middles and ends of stories: high school. In business, it’s much more important to understand how to evaluate business messaging and make specific, tactical changes that will improve its impact on an audience—unless your job is writing a Pixar movie. 

We call this APPLIED BUSINESS STORYTELLING. It can vastly improve not just communication, but also collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, revolutionizing the operational results that a team can create.

In this keynote, audiences will:

  • Understand what Applied Business Storytelling means in a business context;
  • Learn two foundational frameworks of Applied Business Storytelling;
  • Takeaway a new understanding of what implementing this structure requires.
Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower

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