Improve your leadership communications

Leadership Storytelling Coaching

Tap into your creativity and find new, more impactful ways to engage others with your most important messages.


I work with a limited number of coachees, helping them transform how they lead.

It’s easy to try to search for “the secret” to being a great leadership storyteller. Spoiler alert: you won’t find it here. Great leadership storytelling arises from a dizzying array of communications elements—everything from finding the right message, creating the right structure, and building understanding of an audience to generating creativity, vulnerability, and emotional engagement.

Behind all these elements is the inner approach to communication: clarifying your message, being creative, and finding the courage to expose yourself to your audience a little more than might feel comfortable. The benfits of learning to be a leadership storyteller are abundantly clear. They include:

  • Making data more relevant and meaningful
  • Building trust and demonstrating credibility
  • Communicating with creativity, authenticity, and emotion
  • Getting your ideas across in a way that is accessible and clear
  • Motivating others to follow you on journeys of change
  • Removing roadblocks and accessing visionary solutions beyond imagination.

It would be great if we all had 10,000 hours to master the art and science of storytelling. But practically most of my clients just don’t have the time. Luckily, they have me.

As a coach and mentor, I think my role is to help you assess what you’re really good at, figure out where you can improve, and support you as you integrate a new way of communicating—both functionally and emotionally.

“I appreciate that you challenged me. More importantly, I appreciate how you challenged me. You helped me get somewhere I’ve never been before.” — CEO of 12,000 employee corporation.

Becoming a Coaching Client

I take on individual clients occasionally, based on my workload—and, frankly, the chemistry with a potential coachee. My ideal coachees are creative, curious, and willing to accept feedback in order to improve their emotional and creative intelligence.

Unlike many traditional coaches, I’m not just there to listen. Many of my coachees will say that they feel challenged by me and my content. (In a polite way; I’m Canadian.) I’m a pretty intense dude with a sophisticated and non-mainstream understanding of emotional dynamics. I know I’m not for everyone, and I trust that the people who I’m right for will find me.

Every engagement with me is custom designed. For most initial engagements, I suggest booking me for 6 sessions that are each scheduled a week or two apart. This allows us to get to know and trust each other, while also giving us enough time to generate practical results.

Beyond these initial engagements, my coachees tend to engage me around specific projects or challenges in their lives. Some clients speak to me every week or two. Some speak to me frequently over the period of four or six weeks, then disappear for months.

My approach is collaborative. It really depends on you—what you need and how we agree I can best serve you.

Booking an Initial Call

There are two steps to apply to be a coachee:

  • First, use the form below to tell me why you’re reaching out. Be as honest as you can. I’m interested in knowing and connecting with you.
  • I’ll reply with my calendar booking link, so we can have an initial call. This initial call is 60 minutes and billed at US$300. We can both use this time to get to know each other, talk about your objectives, and start to scope out what working with one another would look like.

I look forward to meeting you!