About Jordan Bower

I help others transform,
having done it myself.

In 2010, with my life in pieces, I set off to walk by myself down the West Coast of America—from Vancouver, Canada to Mexico. On that journey, I experienced first-hand the remarkable lows and incredible highs that come with transformation.

Today, my professional work continues to be inspired by the practical lesson of my experience: real change requires working with both the practical and the emotional in order to be meaningful and lasting.

My walk gave me the freedom to reinvent myself by stepping beyond my limiting beliefs and developing new skills, mindsets, and creativity. This, in part, is what I aim to teach others.

I invite you to journey with me—no beard required!

Who is Jordan Bower

Jordan is a facilitator.

I love guiding groups to new perspectives, helping them see—and then solve—with new eyes.

Jordan is a teacher & coach.

I love to share what I learn, helping others understand, practice, and integrate.

Jordan is a systems thinker.

I am excellent at stepping back, apprehending the big picture, and making unexpected connections between all the pieces.

Storytelling Workshop 3

Jordan is a “corporate therapist.”

I am at home when discussing complex emotions and relationships. (Note: I’m not actually a trained therapist.)

Jordan is an athlete.

I have played ultimate frisbee at the highest levels—winning a silver medal with Canada at the World Championships in 2017.

Jordan is a world traveler.

I have traveled independently to more than fifty countries, which has helped me develop an open-minded and worldly perspective.

Jordan is a Burner.

I am an engaged member of the Burning Man community, which has inspired my life through values like gifting, participation, and immediacy.

Jordan is a creative.

I aim to continuously re-write the story of my life, and hope to impact the world in some small way in the process.

Professional Bio

Jordan Bower is a unique consultant who helps organizations substantially improve how they communicate—unlocking new capacities to lead & embrace transformational change

Jordan has advised a broad range of organizational clients, including Mozilla, Autodesk, SAS, CIBC, Canadian Tire, and the Federal Reserve Bank, and he has spoken at many events including Culture First (San Francisco), Content Jam (Chicago), and the Future of Storytelling Festival (NYC). 

He is based in Vancouver, BC.

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