About Jordan Bower

Jordan Bower is a unique creative consultant who helps leaders unblock creativity, integrate emotional intelligence, lead systems and cultural transformation, and think like storytellers.

He is the co-founder of Rocket Science—a unique creative consultancy—which advises senior executives and conducts dynamic corporate workshops, as well as a frequent speaker at conferences, events, and on podcasts.

Jordan’s career began with a degree from the Ivey School of Business. Then, during his mid-twenties, he took a radical detour to spend six years traveling around the world—visiting more than fifty countries and, eventually, spending a full year walking by himself down the West Coast of the US, from Canada to Mexico.

Afterward, Jordan combined the inner insights from his itinerant journeys with the practical, analytical foundation learned in school to develop a unique consulting practice. He has advised a broad range of organizational clients, including Mozilla, Autodesk, SAS, CIBC, Canadian Tire, and the Federal Reserve Bank, and he has spoken at many events including Culture First (San Francisco), Content Jam (Chicago), and the Future of Storytelling Festival (NYC). 

Jordan is based in Vancouver, BC.

He is a writer, photographer, and storyteller, who still loves long walking trips. 

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