Jordan Bower is a consultant, coach and change leader who advocates for greater creativity and emotional intelligence in organizational leadership.

After graduating from Ivey Business School, Jordan worked for three years in the travel & tourism industry before beginning the creative exploration that has defined his life. Between the ages of 26 and 33, Jordan traveled the world, learning how to be a storyteller.

In 2013, Jordan returned to Canada and developed a unique business storytelling workshop that integrated his practical education with improved creative and emotional intelligence. Since then he has brought this workshop to organizations throughout North America and around the world, helping leaders and their teams communicate with greater clarity, engagement and impact.

In 2021, Jordan co-founded Rocket Science, a business consultancy designed to take his storytelling work to the next level of dynamic organizational change. He works with executive leadership to envision product, strategy, brand and cultural evolution, guiding them to fully integrate both functionally and emotionally.

He lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife, Maux Elworthy, and their new puppy, Juno!

My Creative Life in Pictures

November 2006:

After several years of working in travel & tourism, I set off on a creative exploration.

I spent the better part of the next three years backpacking and volunteering in India.

This was where I laid the foundation to become a storyteller.

May 2010:

Returning from India with thousands of photographs, I organized a unique photo exhibition inside a public streetcar in my hometown, Toronto.

My photography was displayed in the advertising space on the public vehicle, transforming it into a gallery on wheels.

The exhibition received extensive media coverage in BlogTO and the Toronto Star.

July 2010:

Fresh off my photo exhibition, I launched a Kickstarter project designed to raise funds for my next project: a solo walk down the West Coast from Canada to Mexico.

The project was named Kickstarter’s Project of the Day. I raised more than $8,000 to fund my expenses.

September 2010-August 2011:

I spent nearly a year walking alone down the West Coast from Canada to Mexico.

Unlike many long distance walkers who prefer the more famous Pacific Crest Trail, I walked the actual coastline: down beaches, forest trails and about a thousand miles on the shoulder of the coastal highway.

This is me reaching San Francisco on Day 155. I’m currently working on a memoir about this experience.

February 2013:

When my travels came to a close, I moved to Victoria, Canada and began to explore how to integrate my creative and professional ambitions.

I began calling myself a “business storyteller”, organizing workshops for local business owners.

As these workshops became more popular, I began to take them further afield.

July 2017:

As I built my business, I continued to pursue my various passions—particularly ultimate frisbee.

In 2017, I was honored to represent Canada at the World Championships.

My team achieved the silver medal!

Storytelling workshop & training with master business storyteller Jordan Bower

June 2018:

By the end of the 2010s, storytelling was a major buzzword, and I was delivering workshops and seminars all over the world.

August 2018:

I had a peak life experience, marrying my wife at sunrise at Burning Man.

March 2020:

When the pandemic shut the world down, like everyone else I retreated to my home office.

As the pandemic lingered I began to reflect on how I could bring even greater impact and fulfillment to my work.

Teaming up with a colleague and mentor, Erwin Pearlman, I co-founded a consultancy called Rocket Science.

This has marked a major shift in my approach to business.

October 2021:

In order to better understand the transformational services I was selling to my clients, in 2021, my wife and I set out to walk the Camino de Santiago.

I spent 500 kilometers asking myself this question: what do I need to let go?

This is me at Finisterre—the end of the world—watching the sun set into the Atlantic.

To be continued…